As noted earlier this afternoon, WWE announced today that The Authors of Pain have been released from the company. WWE wished both Akam and Rezar the best in their future endeavors.

Kevin Owens, who was feuding with AOP and Seth Rollins before AOP were pulled off TV earlier this year due to Rezar’s bicep injury, took to Twitter this afternoon and reacted to the departures.

Owens joked about AOP beating him up, but wished them good luck and said hopefully they can share the same ring again in the future.

“Those guys beat the hell out of me for months…and I can say with complete honesty that I enjoyed every second of it,” Owens said. “Good luck, boys. Hopefully, we’ll share a ring again one day and if so, you can bet you have some receipts coming you way!”

There’s still no reason on why AOP were released as it was recently reported that there was a belief that they would be back on TV between late September and the end of this year. Stay tuned for updates.

Below is the full tweet from AOP: