– This week’s WWE SmackDown on FOX episode saw Matt Riddle debut a new “Know Your Bro” segment, which you can see above. The segment opened with Riddle pointing to how everyone always asks why he says “bro” so much. He called it a universal language, one that can convey any emotion at any time. He then showed how “bro” can mean happy, sad, anger, introspective, afraid, and confident.

Riddle has not wrestled since the September 4 SmackDown show, where Jey Uso won a Fatal 4 Way over Riddle, Sheamus and King Corbin to become the new #1 contender to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions. His last singles match came at WWE Payback on August 30 when he defeated Corbin. Riddle did not appear on SmackDown last week, but was back this week with the new “Know Your Bro” segment.

– The advertising revenue issues between Roku and NBCUniversal have been resolved and now the Peacock streaming service will be coming to the Roku platform in the next few weeks, according to Deadline. This means that the WWE programming on Peacock will be available for Roku viewers soon.

Peacock first debuted WWE programming back in August and currently has a carousel titled, “WWE: The Legends,” which focuses on WWE Hall of Famers and Legends. The carousel features the Monday Night War docuseries, the Ruthless Aggression docuseries, the WrestleMania Rewind series, several Best Of compilations, Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions episodes, WWE Untold specials, and more.

– WWE Champion Drew McIntyre took to Twitter to comment on his upcoming WWE 24 documentary, which premieres on the WWE Network on Sunday, October 4. The “WWE 24: The Chosen One” special will look at McIntyre’s recent journey to the WWE Title. McIntyre noted that he promised to be an open book during filming.

“I promised myself I’d be an open book during this #WWE24. No holding back, no gimmicks. I didn’t exactly take the road less travelled on my journey…more destroy the road & everything around it before creating my own. This is my story #TheChosenOne,” Drew tweeted.

You can see McIntyre’s full tweet below, which also includes the trailer for the “WWE 24: The Chosen One” documentary: