Mia Yim Addresses Fan Who Said She's On RAW Because Boyfriend Keith Lee Begged For Her Spot

Mia Yim took to Twitter earlier today and dismissed a fan who said she was brought to RAW for the Retribution storyline because of her boyfriend, Keith Lee.

The exchange began after Yim's good friend Shelton Benjamin made a tweet joking about her new role in Retribution . Yim and Benjamin have gone back & forth with friendly jabs for a while now on social media.


Benjamin wrote, "For years I've been telling everyone what a wretched horrible deceptive evil spiteful disgusting and hateful person @MiaYim really is. Believe me now?"

A fan responded to Benjamin, apparently not realizing that the two are friends who often make similar tweets about each other, and said Yim's boyfriend begged to have her brought to RAW with him.

The fan wrote, "She only got the gig bwcaaue Keith Lee begged to have her brought to raw with him"

Yim fired back and said she earned her spot because she's put in work for more than a decade now.

"Focus on surfing and less on rumors. I got to where I am because I busted my ass for over a decade," Yim wrote back to the fan.

There's still no word on what Yim's new ring name in Retribution will be, but it should be revealed shortly.


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