Earlier this week, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley spoke out against President Donald Trump in a series of tweets. Foley asked how anyone could support him, following Trump’s comments to Bob Woodward about playing down the severity of COVID-19 to avoid panic.

“I did not intend to get THIS involved in the 2020 election…but there is simply TOO MUCH to lose to stay quiet,” Foley wrote in one of his tweets.

Foley has since talked with PEOPLE about why he decided to be more outspoken in recent days.

“I do think this is a matter between right and wrong,” Foley said. “I think that democracy’s at stake. … I really do feel like future generations are going to study this period of time and wonder how we stood by and let so much go wrong. I want to be on the right side of history.”

Foley also noted how wearing a mask during the pandemic has become politicized, recalling a run-in he had with some individuals outside a South Carolina convenience store who ridiculed Foley for wearing one.

“I said, ‘I’m wearing this to keep you safe,'” Foley recalled. “I don’t know, we’ve lost something along the way. And it’s been aided and abetted by the president, who seems way more concerned with being re-elected than he does with keeping us safe.

“Deep down, I need to feel like I’m doing what I can. I know the country’s very divided and I have a pretty diverse following. But as things progressed in this administration, I just felt like we were going down a really bad and dangerous path. I just wanted to have some public record for my own children and grandchildren to point to decades down the road to show that their father, or their grandfather, at least tried to do something.”