Paul Heyman has launched a new text messaging account.

The Community platform allows fans to communicate with their favorite celebrities via text messages. Several pro wrestlers have signed up in recent months. Heyman’s phone number for the service is 917-634-4995.

The Advocate tweeted on the new service for his fans today, “Ladies and Gentlemen … My name is #PaulHeyman … and we are doing a lightning round of #AskTheAdvocate right now …. you may text ME, personally, at (917) 634-4995 and, should I deem your question worthy, I shall answer it PERSONALLY!”

On a related note, Heyman had a Twitter back & forth today after WWE’s The Bump featured Sam Roberts discussing the new alliance with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The interesting news coming out of the exchange was Heyman declaring that he is not a manager, and when WWE Superstars are referred to as “pro wrestlers,” then he can be called a manager. He also called Roberts a schmuck, and said what happens between he and Reigns stays between he and Reigns.

“@WWE @WWETheBump Sigh 1 – @notsam is a schmuck 2 – I’m not a manager. When you call a @WWE Superstar a ‘pro wrestler,’ THEN you can call me a manager. Get with the program 3 – #WHBMARRSBMARR What Happens Between me and @WWERomanReigns STAYS Between Me and #RomanReigns,” Heyman wrote in response to The Bump’s tweet.

Roberts responded and claimed The Bump misquoted him because he said Heyman, as an advocate, is different from a traditional pro wrestling manager. Roberts added that his status as a schmuck needs to be reviewed.

“I was misquoted by @WWETheBump. My quote actually specifically said ‘what makes @HeymanHustle as an advocate, different from a traditional ‘pro wrestling’ manager…’ and went on with another fabulous Sam Roberts hot take. My status as a schmuck need be reviewed,” Roberts wrote back.

Heyman then accepted the apology, noting that there is nothing traditional about himself as he redefined and re-named the role of manager, and then perfected it. He also said Roberts is still a schmuck.

He responded, “@WWE @WWETheBump @notsam 1 – You’re correct. Nothing traditional about me. I redefined, even re-named the role. And then I perfected it. #BestEver! #GOAT! 2- Therefore, your apology is accepted. 3 – You’re still a schmuck!”

Heyman is set to return to WWE SmackDown this Friday on FOX, with Reigns as Universal Champion. Stay tuned for more.

You can see Heyman’s full tweets below: