– Above is the latest WWE Top 10 video, featuring the most sinister moments from Alexa Bliss.

– WWE Hall of Famer JBL has been announced for a tell-all interview with Corey Graves on WWE’s “After The Bell” podcast this Thursday. JBL will discuss his rivalry with The Undertaker, how WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero influenced him, and more.

Below is WWE’s announcement on the interview:

JBL chats up Corey Graves on this week’s WWE After the Bell

There are certain Superstars with a knack for storytelling, whose tales of wrestling history captivate the locker room and become the stuff of legend. JBL is one such Superstar, and this week on WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, The Wrestling God, whose 280-day WWE Championship reign made him an all-time SmackDown icon, joins the podcast for a tell-all interview.

Find out about the unusual origins of The APA, what it was like to forge an epic rivalry with The Undertaker and why WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero was responsible for creating one of the most infamous WWE villains in history in this captivating conversation.

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– Mustafa Ali and WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley had an exchange on Twitter this week after Ali, Ricochet and Apollo Crews defeated The Hurt Business on Monday’s RAW. It looks like they could be building to a title match between the two.

“Fresh to death. So it seems @AliWWE threw his hat in the ring last night. Step on up if you wanna get hurt. I’ll be waiting. [fist emoji] #TheHurtBusiness #WWERAW @WWE,” Lashley wrote.

Ali responded, “Bob, You use that US title to change your clothes. I would use that US title to change this country. Even you couldn’t handle the weight that comes with ‘United States Champion, Mustafa Ali.'”

Lashley has not responded to Ali as of this writing. You can see their full tweets below: