Actor Steve Way plays a recurring role on Hulu’s hit TV series, ‘Ramy’. Way, who suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, was a guest on the “My Favorite Friendship” podcast recently and spoke about his wrestling fandom. He discussed how being a fan has helped influenced him with his own writing ventures.

“I love wrestling because I truly believe it is the highest form of art today,” Way explained. “I truly mean that. I think it’s the best way you can express yourself. Watching wrestling has made me a better writer. It’s really helped me out with developing storylines [and characters]. It’s so much fun. It’s like going to Broadway but cheaper [and way better].”

Way went on to praise AEW for its own wrestling and storytelling. While discussing AEW’s storytelling ability he went on to say that the company is more enjoyable to watch than ‘Hamilton’, one of the most acclaimed Broadway shows of all time.

“AEW is lightyears better than ‘Hamilton’,” Way said when comparing the two shows. “And it’s not as racist.”

Pro Wrestling as a whole has seen a dip on popularity throughout the years and the current product has a lot of detractors. Way explained that his dad grew up a fan watching the likes of Bruno Sammartino but criticizes the product today. Way said he tried to get his dad back invested in today’s wrestling by showing him what he claimed as ‘the best tag match ever’.

“My dad grew up watching Bruno Sammartino and he makes fun of me for liking the wrestling today,” Way explained. “But I showed him The Young Bucks vs. Kenny Omega & Adam Page and I said would you rather watch this or a 4-hour NFL game? Young Bucks… Best tag match ever.”

Way is not the only one to express an extremely high view of that match as many have cited it as a possible match of the year contender.

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