Reby Hardy Reacts To Matt Hardy's Fall At AEW All Out, Gives An Update On Hardy's Condition

Matt Hardy defeated Sammy Guevara in a Broken Rules Match (Last Man Standing Match with an added stipulation of Hardy leaving AEW, if he loses) at last night's AEW All Out. Early in the match the two went on a raised scissor lift and Hardy got speared off it, going down through two tables. Unfortunately, the two missed the first table completely and Hardy landed hard down on the concrete.

It was obvious that Hardy was out of it for an extended period of time, the referee put up the "X" signal and Dr. Michael Sampson checked on Hardy. The bell rang and it seemed like the match was over, but according to Tony Khan, the bell ringing was just to "pause" the match so Hardy could be looked over.

"I was concerned that Matt could be hurt," Khan said on the post-show media scrum. "I rang the bell to pause the match. When the doctor checked him, he passed him and cleared him on the concussion protocol. He checked with Matt and then Matt came back after and passed the concussion protocol and he's doing okay.

"I spoke with him after the match and talked to him again just now. He went, as a precaution, to the hospital to get some tests and check out that he's okay, but looks like he is okay and that's why the doctor cleared him to continue. It was not something that any of us enjoyed. It was a scary moment, but the most important thing is that Matt is okay. We're all really glad about that."

The match ended up being restarted with Hardy and Guevara going right to the finish as both climbed up a scaffolding, Hardy shoved Guevara down, and he didn't answer the referee's ten-count.

Hardy's wife, Reby Hardy, was not happy at all with how things played out.

"Let me be absolutely f—ing clear," Reby wrote on Twitter. "There is NOTHING entertaining about a concussion. Shame on everyone in that goddamn building."

A fan replied that Matt made the choice to do the spot, and Reby shouldn't point fingers.

"Reading is fundamental, you absolute asshat," Reby responded. "Matt was the #1 idiot in this scenario. I'll let you figure out who #2 was. Also, f— you."

This morning, Reby gave an update on Matt and said he's still in the hospital with a concussion.

"They needed additional imaging done after his CT. He's still in the hospital. 1000% concussion. Anyone with eyes could have told you that tho."

Since posting these tweets, Reby has made her tweets protected so only approved followers can see them.