Renee Young recently decided to walk away from WWE after spending eight years with the company. Young joined Richard Deitsch as a guest on his Sports Media podcast to discuss what the process of leaving the company was like, and she went on to reveal that Michael Cole was who she went through to put her notice in. Since she wasn’t under a contract, a two-week notice was all she had to give.

“I had been talking to Cole about everything and how I was feeling,” Young revealed. “He was taking those conversations up and talking to Vince, Hunter, and Kevin Dunn to let them know. Keep in mind, too, that I was not under a contract. I was just a WWE employee, so all I had to do was put my two-week notice in. It felt very bizarre, but I texted with Hunter and Steph. I went and said goodbye to Vince and everyone on my last day, but everyone just kind of knew where I was at. They understood that with my skillset, there’s just not much for me to do right now.”

Jon Moxley revealed during the All Out media scrum that Young is under an extensive non-compete clause right now, but he expects her to be involved in professional wrestling in some way. Young went on to directly discuss if there’s any interest in working for AEW.

“I’ve accumulated a mass of wrestling knowledge over the last eight years that it would be kind of dumb to just throw that away,” Young said. “It seems like doing that would be kind of a waste of the last almost ten years. I don’t even know if I’m legally allowed to say how long my non-compete clause is, but it’s in and around [1 year]. I don’t know – I’m just a girl that likes to talk about wrestling. I’m not into the legal jargon.

“I think if that was something that ever were to come up [working with AEW], I don’t think that putting me on commentary is the right move,” Young continued. “Even when I started doing commentary, I was stoked to do that but it was never a goal of mine. My dreams are not dashed by not being on commentary. I tried to pitch to the head writers of SmackDown to use me like UFC uses Megan Olivi, and she feels like an important part of the broadcast. I think that roaming reporter type of role would be awesome with any wrestling company.”

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