Tonight’s WWE RAW opened up with RETRIBUTION invading the ring and ringside area as it was announced that the 5 main members of the group have been given WWE contracts by management.

It was clear that Mia Yim, Mercedes Martinez, Dominik Dijakovic and Dio Maddin are 4 of the 5 main members. It’s been reported that Shane Thorne is the other member, but that has not been confirmed for tonight’s segment. Yim and Dijakovic cut promos about how they plan to train the lifeblood of WWE and how money or contracts won’t change anything. Dijakovic is now sporting some sort of paint on his head, and these 4 members are wearing Bane-style masks. The fifth man, believed to be Thorne, was wearing more of a full mask.

RETRIBUTION continued their in-ring promos until they were interrupted by The Hurt Business (MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander and WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley). This led to a face off until several masked members of RETRIBUTION surrounded the ring with the main 5 members. RETRIBUTION ended up attacking The Hurt Business as a brawl broke out. The segment ended as RAW went to commercial with Dijakovic and Maddin hitting Lashley with a double chokeslam in the middle of the ring.

It looks like the main 5 members of RETRIBUTION will represent the group while various lower-level unidentified members of the group will provide backup when needed.

Stay tuned for updates on RETRIBUTION. Below are several shots from tonight’s opening segment: