WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is part of a historic Samoan wrestling family that has seen multiple members gain success in the world of wrestling. Currently Reigns is related to fellow Superstars, Jimmy and Jey Uso, as well as female Superstar Nia Jax. On a recent a recent Zoom call with Mania Club, Reigns was asked to elaborate on his start into wrestling and who he leaned on in the beginning.

Reigns father, Sika, wrestled in the 80’s and was one-half of The Wild Samoans tag team. Reigns, who was pursuing a football career at the time, said he leaned on him at the start but also asked for advice from his cousins the Usos.

“The first person I went to was my dad,” Reigns explained. “It was a little different because my cousins, The Usos, had just started training a couple years prior to this, I was still playing football at the time, I was able to tap into them and their experience of the training and what they had done thus far.”

Reigns said after his football career fizzled out he attempted to have a simpler job before fully investing his time in becoming a pro wrestler.

“I was working a regular job building office furniture, dealing with drill and building task chairs and stuff like that and I was just over it,” Reigns said of working a more typical job. “I talked to my dad and we started training and went to work.”

With there being so many Samoan wrestlers in the company currently and mixed throughout wrestling history Reigns was asked if there have ever been discussions on creating a full Samoan faction. He explained that while on paper it sounds like a great idea, there are a lot of issues that could arise from such a faction.

“I think we’ve all had those thoughts and it makes so much sense,” Reigns said. “But I think Samoa Joe was the one who said it, especially where we are with as far as the climate, with everything going on socially and equality I don’t think we want to do it just based on the fact that we are all Samoan? Being able to translate that properly to where it’s not offensive to ourselves or our audience.”

Reigns said another issue that could result from the group being formed is that they would have to be portrayed as too dominant that it would be hard to build, which would also make it difficult to build someone to defeat them.

“It’s hard because we would be so dominant, you know what I mean,” Reigns explained. “We would dominate for how long a full year and I think you have to do that. That’s kinda where I am right now within my whole character, you have to be able to display that dominance to create that moment to where it’s like enough is enough who is going to be the guy to knock these powerful group or person off that pedestal? Knocks us off that mountain.”

Despite the fact that a Samoan faction may never become a reality Reigns was asked who he would join if he had to choose between a faction of his family or The Shield. Reigns was quick to take a joking jab at former WWE Superstar, Dean Ambrose.

“Well I guess Ambrose or Moxley really screwed that up,” Reigns said with a smile. “He messed around and just left us.”

Reigns continued saying that he does not believe that The Shield will return. Reigns mentioned that he believes that would be the case even if Moxley was still with the company.

“I don’t think The Shield will ever be recreated or brought back,” Reigns said. “We were so good and honestly I think we did the reunion thing a few years ago a little too much. We’re one of the only factions who came into it as no-namers and then walked out and had our final group hug as world champions.”

Reigns is currently getting ready to defend his Universal Championship against his cousin Jey Uso. Reigns was asked what fans can expect to see from the match.

“I can tell you that me and my cousin have great chemistry, we’ve been doing this since we were little boys, before we knew we even wanted to wrestle, we were wrestling in the pool all day long,” Reigns explained. “You’re going to see a level of intensity, a championship level of intensity, but I want there to be really good storytelling within those same types of details as that look and being able to tell that story of emotion of what I’m going through and what I’m willing to do to stay on top.”

That match is set to take place this Sunday at the Clash of Champions pay-per-view.

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