Roman Reigns On CM Punk: "I Don't Like The Guy. I Don't Know Many People Who Do"

Roman Reigns was a recent guest on the Loaded Management podcast and discussed a possible match with The Rock. The Rock recently stated that Reigns made the most sense as an opponent for him at WrestleMania. Reigns said that he feels like he's the guy that could get a good match out of him and make him feel comfortable with the build.

"I think I'm the guy," Reigns said. "If there's anyone to do it and anyone that he would feel comfortable with in the ring and have a proper build-up and that can rise to the occasion, there's no doubt in mind that I'm the guy.

"We're definitely going to have to crack a lot of eggs on the way to that omelette."

Reigns also discussed a potential match with another former WWE Champion, CM Punk. Reigns admitted that he did not like Punk, but would welcome a match with him as long as the fans were into it and could get behind it.

"All the way from someone as big as The Rock to someone like CM Punk – someone who really hits home with our audience and hardcore fans," Reigns said. "If you've watched wrestling for the last 10-15 years and love it and it's in your blood, then you probably have some kind of feelings about that guy. I know I do. Just by doing one of these things, he made my job a lot harder. If it's something that the fans can get behind and can sink their teeth into and really dive into the creative with us, then I'm willing to do it."

"I don't like the guy," Reigns added. "I don't know many people who do. I just don't know many who do, but I'm willing to put business first and make really good content if that's the case. He'd probably have to be slapped around a few times in order to get his mind right, but if he's willing and the fans and audience are going to like it and be into it, then most likely I'm going to be into it."