Roman Reigns recently returned to the WWE after taking time off due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. Reigns quickly captured the Universal Championship after returning and was put with manager Paul Heyman. On a recent Zoom call with Mania Club, Reigns explained what it has been like being able to work more as a heel with Heyman.

Reigns said it has been a positive experience for him and Heyman has been a great person to lean on behind the scenes.

“I can just honestly say from a backstage and a very real place it’s awesome,” Reigns said. “Like you said with his history in the business, the pedigree he has built for himself, he’s a self-made entertainer.”

Reigns said one of the reasons he really enjoys his pairing with Heyman is he works so well as a coach. Reigns said he is an incredible talker, not only on TV, but also in real life and can get you to truly invest into the person you want the audience to see you as on TV.

“If you meet him and you get to talk to him in real life, he’s a very infectious type of personality to where he has perfect timing, he knows what to say when to say it,” Reigns said in regard to Heyman. “He’s a good coach in a way and a good mentor and someone who just has the perfect stuff to say.

“Maybe I drank the Kool-Aid you know what I mean, he has his own portion of Kool-Aid he can dish out and can really just reassure you and make sure you believe in yourself before you go out there.”

Reigns was also asked who he thought the best storyteller in WWE is currently. He again praised Heyman and explained how his charisma translates from real life to TV.

“To be honest I think it’s the man I’m working with now, Paul Heyman,” Reigns said. “He is one of the best storytellers, not only just business wise, but he’s very charismatic on the mic, but when’s he’s talking to you in person there’s a different type of charisma that comes out. When he tells a story and paints a picture it’s like no other.”

Before coming back to the company to pair up with Heyman Reigns took a hiatus due to the current situation with the virus. Reigns, who has battled cancer, also has two newborn twins as well as another set of young twins. He explained his current routine since returning to TV to try and take as many precautions as possible to stay safe and avoid getting the virus.

“When I get to that building, I don’t get there til about 5, I pop off the bus and go into my room, I’m completely isolated just for the fact of the virus,” Reigns explained. “I take extreme caution just so I can get back to my family every night.

“By the time I get done with my segments I’m like a magician, I try to get out of there.”

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