NJPW star Tama Tonga has invited WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to his weekly podcast, Tama Island.

Tonga, who calls himself “The Good Bad Guy,” took a dig at Reigns for supposedly losing his yard in WWE before inviting The Big Dog to his podcast.

“What happened to your yard? #Come to my @TamasIsland anytime @WWERomanReigns,” he tweeted soon after Friday Night SmackDown.

In July 2018, Tonga and Reigns were embroiled in a brief Twitter spat. After getting his account locked for breaking Twitter’s guidelines, Tonga alleged that Reigns snitched on him to the Twitter police. Reigns did not back down either, highlighting that Tonga’s insults were unoriginal and sounded like a Drake song.

It’s important to highlight that Reigns and Tonga are distant cousins. Tonga, the adopted son of Haku/Meng, said in a recent interview that his Twitter spat with Reigns had no negativity attached to it, and was just friendly banter.

Would Reigns actually accept Tonga’s podcast invitation?

See below for Tonga’s tweet: