Roman Reigns was a recent guest on the Loaded Management podcast. Reigns recently returned to WWE with a new look and attitude. Reigns talked about how building his character up now can benefit the overall future of WWE. He said if he is asked to build new stars then he really wants to focus on building his character a lot more in order to “build that mountain” for future stars to climb.

“Going forward, if I’m asked to build new stars then we need to build my character up a little more – a lot more, to be honest,” Reigns said. “That way we can really start diving into building the future. I’m open to building up this mountain and letting the future climb it. They can plant their flag on top of that thing if that’s what we need to do.

“If we just want to create headlines and build really good TV, I’m really into anybody that’s going to be able to garner that attention.”

The WWE Universal Champion was also asked about his Mount Rushmore of wrestling. Reigns started his list with his former foe, The Undertaker.

“I’m just going to start with ‘Taker – that’s the easy one in my mind, especially when it comes to overall,” Reigns said. “I think especially when it comes to the way he’s continued to do it, it’s The Rock. Now we’re getting into a really tough zone, because you have to add Stone Cold Steve Austin because of what he stood for and transitioning the game.

“I almost put these two dudes in the same category – Hulk Hogan and John Cena. They are really similar with the kind of characters they were and the audience they drew.”