– WWE NXT Superstar Dominik Dijakovic wrote “1213” in a tweet on Sunday and the tweet is still live as of this writing. Dijakovic, who is planned for a main roster call-up, has made several mysterious tweets this summer but he usually deletes them within minutes or the first hour. It’s interesting to note that this is the only tweet that is currently live on Dijakovic’s feed.

There’s no word on why this tweet was left up, or was it means, but it has fans speculating on social media. Dijakovic has been used for some of the recent RETRIBUTION angles and it’s believed that he will be one of the members of the group once they are revealed.

Stay tuned for more on Dijakovic, RETRIBUTION and potential plans. You can see his full tweet below:

– The latest word from @Wrestlevotes is that a certain WWE Superstar will not be re-signing with the company once their current contract expires. No other details were provided, and there’s no word yet on who the report may be referring to.

“I can’t reveal the name as that’s just not smart business, but I can very confidently say that a certain WWE talent has decided to not resign with the company once their current deal expires,” the report stated.

We will keep you updated when more information is available.