On Friday, WWE’s official Twitter handle posted a link to the 2016 Clash of Champions match featuring Miro [fka Rusev] and Roman Reigns. While the account tagged Reigns, and noted how The Big Dog captured his first U.S. title during the contest, it did not tag Miro in the post.

After Miro took exception to not being tagged, several fans on Twitter criticized WWE for not acknowledging former wrestlers in its social media accounts. Soon enough, AEW star Matt Hardy noted how WWE’s social media accounts aren’t allowed to tag former wrestlers.

“WWE social media folks aren’t allowed to mention talent like @ToBeMiro, because they now only exist in the entire professional wrestling universe, as opposed to solely @WWE. It’s just their policy. I love how @AEWrestling acknowledges all of pro wrestling, competition or not,” wrote The Broken One.

Matt was responding to a fan, who noted how WWE had recently failed to acknowledge one half of the Hardy Boyz in a similar tweet.

As reported exclusively by Wrestling Inc., WWE boss Vince McMahon has issued an edict which states that talent can no longer “engage with outside third parties,” which would presumably include platforms such as Cameo and Twitch.

See below for Rusev and Matt Hardy’s tweets: