As seen above, former WWE Superstar Rusev, now going by Miro on social media, posted a new video where he named Randy Orton as his favorite pro wrestling heel of all-time.

While taking fan questions on a recent stream, Rusev was asked about his favorite heel. He named Orton but also said WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is a top heel, who always “got him” as a kid. Rusev said he never understood why Flair always looked like a 50 year old man, and how Flair always won his matches, and his opponents always fell for his tricks.

Rusev praised Orton a few more times, agreeing with a fan that he works better as a heel and should never be a babyface.

“Randy Orton is clearly the best heel and one of the best workers of all-time,” Rusev declared.

The Bulgarian Brute was also asked what he thinks about WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns turning heel after being a top babyface for five years. Miro talked about how talents need changes and challenges, and how this will be fun for Reigns as he’s a great worker who always got it, and who has Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman on his side.

“It’s fantastic,” he said of Reigns’ heel turn. “The man needs a challenge. I felt the same way after being a heel for so long. I literally got tired of it. I literally… because there was no more challenges. That was before the Rusev Day, even during the Rusev Day I was still a heel, they still got me working as a heel, and I was so over it. I was so over it. People need challenges, people need changes.

“And why wouldn’t he want to be a heel? People have wanted him to be a heel forever now. So I think it’s going to be really fun for him as well. I think he’s going to have a blast. Not I think… I know he’s going to have a blast because he was a great heel, he’s always been a great dude, and a great worker, and he gets it. So… and he’s got Heyman, he’s got Vince. So, he’ll be fine. I think he did the right thing.”