Rob Van Dam recently participated in a Q & A session with Pro Wrestling Junkies, and he touched on a number of topics including John Cena earning his respect for how he handled the raucous crowd at the ECW: One Night Stand event. RVD mentioned Cena knew well in advance that he was going to be booed out of the building, and he praised him for being a professional and adapting to the situation.

“I was confident from the start because those were my people,” RVD said. “It felt great to have all that energy on my side, but Cena knew they were going to boo him out of the building. He knew that ahead of the time. It was really cool to see how he reacted to and adapted to that kind of environment. It really impressed me, and everyone should be impressed by what a professional he is.”

RVD later went on to discuss his favorite opponents in each of the major promotions he’s worked in.

“I guess to really break it down like that, I’ll start with ECW and say that Sabu and Jerry Lynn were my favorites to work with,” RVD said. “The matches with Sabu were just insane, but my stuff with Jerry Lynn was really competitive and a lot of fun back then. We were just constantly trying to one-up each other. In WWE, I loved working Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy because we had the same kind of mindset when it comes to thinking outside the box. As for Impact or TNA, I’d have to say AJ Styles. I don’t think we ever had an instant classic or anything, but he was just so f–king good.

“As far as toughest opponents, I’ve always thought the tougher guys were the bigger ones,” RVD said. “Brock Lesnar has the strength of like ten guys, so he’s tough. Big Show was always a challenge because you have to get really high up there to kick him in the face. Guys like that are a real challenge.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Pro Wrestling Junkies with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.