Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback took to Twitter today and revealed that his trademark battle with WWE has officially started. He noted that the case can take up to 20 months to settle.

Ryback mentioned WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, and noted that he hopes to win and be forever erased from the company.

He wrote, “The trademark case has begun with @wwe and @vincemcmahon and can go upwards of 20 months. While unfortunate they choose to not let this go, it gives me great joy beating them every step of the way. I will win this and hope to be forever erased from that company. @FMMNutrition [folded hands emoji]”

Ryback made another tweet on the trademark and called on them to let the name go so everyone can move on.

“I want everyone to see how petty @wwe is. A trademark that they renewed the last day so I couldn’t get it for a minimal fee and one they don’t use anymore and haven’t used in games, MERCH etc. I am the trademark and created prior to working there. Let it go and let’s move on! [muscle emoji],” he wrote.

Ryback also claimed WWE threatened him with creative changes multiple times when he was signed to the company, to sign contracts and to drop a multi-million dollar malpractice lawsuit over a botched ankle injury he suffered in 2010. Ryback also said he was denied opportunities outside of the company.

“@wwe threatened me creatively multiple times in signing contracts and in dropping a multi million dollar malpractice case against botched ankle injury. Denied multiple opportunities outside @wwe and we all saw what they did on air. The games end here, and the future will improve,” he wrote.

He made another follow-up tweet on his back and shoulder injuries, noting that he covered them. He blamed most of the damage on WWE and said the company needs to change.

“I also want to clarify all injuries to back and shoulder happened there and I have 100% paid for. Their neglect medically pumping me full of cortisone and toradol saying I would be alright caused the bulk of it. End of day my fault, but things need to change. @wwe needs to change,” he wrote.

Regarding the trademark, USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) records show that WWE owns a trademark for “Ryback” that was filed for on October 12, 2011, and went live on December 18, 2012. The trademark was filed for use in entertainment services, namely general pro wrestling use. WWE’s filing notes that their “Ryback” name was first used on December 16, 2008, and first used in commerce on that same date. USPTO records also show that Ryback (Ryan Reeves) owns a trademark for the “Ryback” name, which has a use description that is very similar to the one WWE has, but more descriptive. Ryback lists his first use as October 2008, and first use in commerce as the same date. Ryback filed for his trademark on May 15, 2019.

Ryback was first signed to a WWE developmental contract after impressing officials on Tough Enough in 2004. He worked OVW and DSW after that, and was later re-signed to another developmental deal to work FCW in 2008. FCW became WWE NXT, but not before the first version of NXT aired with 8 contestants from FCW in February 2010. Ryback finished 6th in that competition. Besides time he missed due to injuries, Ryback was on the main roster since Nexus invaded RAW in June 2010. He ended up in a contract dispute with WWE in May 2016, then parted ways with the company in August of that year.

Stay tuned for updates. You can see Ryback’s related tweets below:

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