Ryback isn’t the only athlete who has made the “Feed Me More” slogan part of his persona as Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys has done the same. Elliott even went as far as to tattoo the phrase “Feed Me” on his stomach and has plans to make it his trademark.

Ryback caught wind of Elliott’s plans and got a hold of his attorney as a result. He talked more about Elliott trying to capitalize on a phrase that he made famous on “Ryback TV Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report With Raj Giri.”

“I don’t know a lot about him but he tried to use this initially many years ago after I had already established it. He had a website IFeelLikeEating.com,” revealed Ryback.

“When you’re dealing with trademarks, I have that trademark in apparel, clothing and different categories and he had some of the same ones. Then I have it for entertainment and pro wrestling and then I also have it for dietary supplements which is another class. There’s three different classes on that.

“What he was trying to do, and I don’t know if someone was advising him, but he was doing other things like ‘I like to eat’ or using different phrases of hungry which I’ve had tied to my brand from the beginning. He’s not gonna get it. With the trademarks, there’s a lot of other trademarks like ‘Feed me tacos and tell me I’m pretty’ and involve phrases that are very specific. The problem is this is exactly my phrase and it’s the same meaning and that will cause confusion.”

Ryback thinks Elliott’s claim will be denied by the trademark office and if it’s not, then Ryback will have to pay to oppose it. He compared it to another company coming in and using the “Just Do It More” catchphrase when Nike already has “Just Do It” trademarked.

“It’s far too similar. You’re literally trying to latch onto somebody’s brand and take it and make it your own in the same exact thing. Come on, be a little more creative. He’s a wrestling fan and he 100 percent got it from me,” said Ryback. “I already established it and own it. I just think it’s really, really low and you’ve got to fight that stuff?

“Everything’s documented timeline-wise and I think there’s zero chance in hell he gets it. But for whatever reason, if they have an attorney that’s able to pull strings then I’ve simply got to oppose it. I’ll tie him up for years so he better get a good tattoo artist to cover up that sh**ty tattoo on his stomach.

“Who gets a tattoo of it before it’s even done? That’s pretty silly. I hope he has a good laser tattoo removal or a big blotch on his stomach.”

Ryback said if he comes up with a name for a product but someone has already beaten him to that name, then he’ll come up with something else. He added that Elliott isn’t entitled to use the “Feed Me” phrase and Ryback believes the trademark office will agree.

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