Sasha Banks On If There Has Been Talks About "Evolution 2", Her Ideal Opponent If It Happens

Sasha Banks recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary as a professional wrestler, as she made her in-ring debut in August 2010. She grew up a wrestling fan and has cited many current WWE Hall of Famers as inspirations for her getting into the ring.


Banks revealed who her biggest inspiration was when she joined Table Talk w/DVon.

"It was Eddie Guerrero. I remember when I was 10, I instantly fell in love. I was instantly hooked and I was like, 'Oh my gosh! Mom, I want to be a WWE wrestler.' She's like, 'Wait, what?! What?! Huh?!' And of course, back in the day, we had a lot of bikini matches and oil matches, so that's what my mom thought I meant as in being a wrestler in WWE," recalled Banks. "But then I showed her matches with Trish Stratus vs. Victoria and Molly Holly, and showing her, 'Hey, women can actually go hard, Mom. They can actually wrestle. That's my dream, to do it like them but longer and in the main event just like the guys.' And now, we're here doing that.


"So, it's so cool to see, and especially seeing Trish Stratus come back and being able to have such a lengthy, longtime match with Charlotte. But she inspired me as well, having that storyline with Mickie James. When I saw that storyline when I was a kid, I knew that right then and there, my dreams can come true in the WWE."

Banks, Stratus, and others were a part of WWE Evolution in 2018, which was the first WWE PPV to consist solely of women's matches. Banks took part in a six-way tag match when she teamed up with Bayley and Natalya to defeat the Riott Squad, and she shared her thoughts on that historic event.

"It was such a beautiful match for pay-per-view. Again, I never dreamt that would happen because you would never dream of women main-eventing anything. But for all those women coming together from the past, present, and future, it was such an inspiring and incredible pay-per-view that I'm like, 'Where is number 2?! Where is Evolution 2?' We've been waiting for it and I know the fans want it. I'm dying for it, because you also saw a lot of matches that you would never see before and I think that's really awesome to see, especially as the women's division keeps on growing," said Banks.


"I mean NXT, every time I go down there to see how many women are down there – when I first started, there was legit eight. [Now] maybe there's 20-25 and we have a stacked roster, so I don't see why there could not be any reason why we wouldn't have Evolution 2. I thought that was such an amazing pay-per-view, and I want it. So, I know the fans want it as well."

Many fans were disappointed when there wasn't an Evolution 2 in 2019, and Stephanie McMahon responded to that by saying that WWE focused on putting on the first women's match in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel 2 and the attention on that played a part in Evolution not having a sequel.

Banks was asked if she's heard any rumblings on the next edition of Evolution.

"I mean, have I heard any rumblings? No, I haven't! Can we start some rumblings?" inquired Banks before she was asked who she would want to face at Evolution 2.

"If can choose anybody? Ahhh!! Trish Stratus. I would lose my mind. But honestly, there are so many people. [Meiko] Satomura from Japan – if we can bring her from Japan, I would lose my mind. It could be anybody that I have not wrestled before; I would love to have a singles match with them."

Banks has cited Stratus as one of her inspirations growing up, and she was asked if Stratus is the one performer from the past she most wants to wrestle.


"Definitely. If It wasn't Eddie Guerrero, it's going to be Trish Stratus because she was just the top of the women's division of her time. She was just the best, she was beautiful, she was athletic, and she killed it, and inspired me," stated Banks.

"It's so funny. I have a bunch of her stuff, and I remembered going to the Eddie Guerrero tribute show and she had this pink shirt on. I saw that shirt at a store the next week and I'm like, 'I need that shirt because Trish Stratus had that shirt!' And I would always do the finger point when I was a kid and it was always like, Trish Stratus was always the one. When I finally got to meet her and work with her, I mean, I just fell more in love with her. She is the most amazing, beautiful human being I've ever met, and not only she inspired me in the ring, but she also inspires me for what she does outside of the ring as well."

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