Former WWE Superstar and Producer “Hurricane” Shane Helms is getting into comic book writing.

Helms, who was released from his job as a WWE Producer earlier this year as a part of the company-wide COVID-19 cuts, recently discussed the new venture with Lan Pitts of GamesRadar and Newsarama, and it was revealed that he recently began attending a comic book writing course at the Jacob Krueger Studio. The four-week class is taught by comic writer Ron Marz, who is a 30-year veteran of the industry.

Helms, who has some comic experience from the past in working on the “Headlocked” comic with Michael Kingston, was asked what made him want to take the course under Marz. He recalled the “Headlocked” experience and said he wanted to make good use of his free time after being furloughed from WWE in April during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I had a great experience working with Michael Kingston and it was awesome to see my name in print as a writer in a comic book, but that just scratched the itch temporarily,” Helms answered. “I love comics and I have stories that I want to tell so when the COVID pandemic hit and I got furloughed from WWE back in April, I looked at this free time as an opportunity to try and educate myself a little more on the inner workings of comic book development. I’ve always been a fan of Ron Marz’s work and I got a lot out of taking his course.”

Helms was also asked about his long-term plans and what his end goal is with comic book writing. The former WWE Tag Team Champion said he’s always appreciated what comics have done in his own life, and he just wants to share some of his stories with the world, helping them experience the same joy and wonder that he did as a kid.

“As a kid, comics helped me a lot and I’d love to be able to help anyone with the same joy and wonder that comics gave me,” Helms said when asked about his long-term plans. “And to be honest, in the early ’00s, years before the big superhero boom in Hollywood, I don’t think there was anyone that was giving comics as much mainstream love as I was.

“I once gave a Green Lantern shirt to Stone Cold Steve Austin, one of pro wrestling’s most popular wrestlers ever on Monday Night Raw when that show was cable’s highest-rated live show. Millions of people saw that. People started buying Green Lantern shirts just to wear to WWE shows because I didn’t have any Hurricane shirts at the time. That’s literally why I got my first T-shirt made. I’ve always appreciated what comics have done for me and I just want to be able to share some of my stories with the world.”

The interviewer pointed to how comics were a part of Helms’ “The Hurricane” character for the most part. They asked Helms how the pitch meeting for the character went. Helms revealed that “The Hurricane” was WWE’s idea as former RAW head writer Brian Gewirtz always wanted to do a superhero character, but never found the right wrestler for the role until Helms was signed. Helms said he never saw himself as a comedy character, but he believes the timing was perfect.

“It was actually WWE’s idea,” Helms said of the character. “I had a pretty successful amateur career and never envisioned myself as a comedy character or a character of any kind, to be honest. I just wanted to be a wrestler.

“The head writer of Monday Night Raw at the time, Brian Gewirtz, had always wanted to do a superhero-based character, but never found the right guy until I came along. I had the Green Lantern tattoo on my shoulder, I wore comic-related T-shirts all the time, so it was no big secret that I was a huge comic fan. The timing was perfect.”