Shotzi Blackheart, one of the brightest young stars in NXT’s women’s division, said her heart stopped briefly on Monday night when she came across a false rumor about her release from the WWE.

NXT’s “Tank Girl” didn’t realize that the tweet was posted by a fake WWE twitter account, which tweeted that Shotzi had been let go by the company.

“Wow my dumb butt actually fell for this for a sec. My heart stopped! Goodnight,” she wrote.

Within an hour, the same fake Twitter account posted other fake stories such as Jinder Mahal’s release and Eva Marie signing a new contract with WWE. It will be interesting to see if the Twitter police take down the account since a lot of fans have already reported them for spreading false information.

The WWE on Fox Twitter handle joked that the fake Twitter account is probably Robert Stone’s burner account. Shotzi has been involved in a feud with Stone and Aliyah. A few weeks ago, Shotzi drove her tank through Stone’s leg multiple times in a hilarious segment.

Shotzi, who signed with WWE in 2019, received a lot of praise for her match against NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai during last week’s main event of NXT.

See below for Shotzi’s tweet: