Shotzi Blackheart took to Twitter and used a staple gun on herself to taunt WWE NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai ahead of tonight’s non-title match on NXT TV.

Blackheart, who will face Shirai in tonight’s opening match, posted her own vignette to Twitter where she addressed the comments made by Shirai last week when they stood together in the ring after taking out Robert Stone and Aliyah. She then stapled a “HURT ME” label to her chest to warn Shirai.

“When someone tells you not to do something, doesn’t it make you want to do it even more?,” Blackheart asked. “Io, I like you, too, but when you said, ‘Don’t make me hurt you’, it kinda sounded like a threat to me. But do I look scared to you? Some people fear pain, but me, I invite it.

“Look, I don’t want to have to spell it out for you, but it kind of seems like I have to. Io, you may be champion, but can you out-crazy Shotzi Blackheart?,” Blackheart said while stapling the label to her chest.

Blackheart then laughed and howled to end the video. You can see the full tweet below: