As seen above, WWE has released a new sneak peek at the upcoming WWE 24 documentary on Drew McIntyre and his journey to the WWE Title. “WWE 24: The Chosen One” will be added to the WWE Network on Sunday, October 4 at 10am ET, and will then air on the live stream that night after WWE NXT “Takeover: 31” goes off the air.

The clip shows Drew and his wife watching the taped WrestleMania 36 win over Brock Lesnar, via a Zoom call with his family back in the UK. The star of the clip might be Drew’s father Andy, who gets emotional and calls the title change the proudest moment of his own life. Andy also thanked Drew’s wife for looking after his boy.

McIntyre previously spoke to GQ UK about the days leading up to the pay-per-view, the match itself, and watching with his family, as we noted before at this link.

The documentary on McIntyre will also feature never-before-seen footage from his childhood and career.

McIntyre is set to defend his WWE Title this Sunday at WWE Clash of Champions against Randy Orton.

Below is the full synopsis on the new WWE 24 special on McIntyre:

Witness the culmination of a lifelong journey, as WWE Network Documentaries brings an unparalleled all-access look at the ascent of the first ever British WWE Champion in “WWE 24 Drew McIntyre: The Chosen One.”

From his humble beginnings in Ayr, Scotland, Drew McIntyre worked tirelessly to make his dreams of WWE superstardom into a reality. Helping to build the Scottish wrestling scene, and taking the British wrestling world by storm, the standout Superstar quickly rose through the WWE ranks and seemed to be living up to his billing as ‘The Chosen One.” However, his fall was as swift as his rise, as personal loss and issues off-camera derailed his momentum, and ultimately led to his unceremonious firing from WWE. By getting back to his roots, and with the help of his friends and family, Drew McIntyre reinvented himself into the Superstar he had always envisioned, and rediscovered the passion needed to earn himself a second chance at WWE glory.

Featuring never before seen footage from McIntyre’s childhood and throughout his tumultuous career, WWE Network Documentaries presents “WWE 24 Drew McIntyre: The Chosen One,” an in-depth look at the turbulent quest for a crowning moment that almost never was.