T-BAR [Dominik Dijakovic] has become extremely popular among wrestling fans on Twitter since being revealed as a member of Retribution, WWE’s new vigilante stable that is now officially a part of the main roster.

On Thursday, T-BAR explained why WWE Hall-of-Famer X-Pac is the only superstar from WWE’s past and present that is safe from the wrath of Retribution.

“Our mission is to destroy the @WWE and we will do so by laying waste to every single Superstar, past and present. The only exception to this is @TheRealXPac, because X-PAC is an outstanding name. #RETRIBUTION,” he tweeted.

X-Pac responded to T-BAR with, “Shoot me a DM if there is anything I can do to help.”

In another tweet, which can be seen below, T-BAR confirmed the two female members of Retribution to be Mercedes Martinez and Mia Yim.

A number of T-BAR’s tweets on Thursday were met with both laughter and confusion on social media.T-BAR responded to a tweet regarding the viewership numbers for this week’s AEW Dynamite and NXT shows with “1,667,000”, to indicate that Monday Night Raw scored more viewers than both shows combined.

As noted earlier, T-BAR also responded to CM Punk, who recently mocked the mask worn by Retribution member Slapjack [Shane Thorne].

T-BAR also explained the meaning of his new name, noting that the “T” stands for terrorize, the “B” stands for brutalize, the “A” stands for annihilation, and the “R” stands for retribution.