– Above is a new video looking at ring announcer Alicia Taylor and her “heavy metal journey” to the WWE NXT brand. The pro drummer, also known as Alicia Warrington, made her NXT debut at a live event in December 2018. The official synopsis for the video reads like this:

“Hear how NXT host ring announcer and drummer Alicia Taylor went from homelessness to death metal to the black-and-yellow brand in this in-depth look at her personal journey.”

– The Robert Stone Brand may be acquiring new NXT Superstars in the near future. Robert Stone took to Twitter this week and said he’s recently had business meetings about taking the brand to another level.

“Had some VERY interesting business meetings this past week. Now… I’m ready to BUILD. The #RobertStoneBrand is going to be on another level. #SuitManStone never disappoints does he???,” Stone wrote.

Stone recently lost Mercedes Martinez, who is now in RETRIBUTION as Retaliation. He lost Chelsea Green before that, and now only has Aliyah in the stable. You can see his full tweet below: