There's a handful of real-life couples in WWE, including the married duos of Montez Ford and Bianca Belair, and Jimmy Uso and Naomi.

On Table Talk w/DVon, Montez Ford was asked about a potential Street Profits vs. Usos match. Although, Ford inquired why they don't just bring in their spouses to make it a a six-person tag match.

"Let's make it a six-person intergender match at that point. If it's going to be [Belair and Naomi] in the corner, we might as well just make it 3-on-3. I think that'd be nice," said Ford. "That's something we've always talked about and thought about, so when that happens, that'd be nice."

Teaming up with his wife and tag partner in an intergender match appears to be a dream situation for Ford, so D-Von asked Angelo Dawkins what his dream matches would be.

"Oh man, that's a tough one. There's a lot. I definitely have to say The Dudley Boyz because I want to be in a Tables Match, but definitely that. I mean, I got to go with that, obviously," Dawkins said to D-Von Dudley. "I have to say APA because I always want to be in a Bar Fight. It's funny because I just saw that, D-Von, you guys rolled through the table. It's APA at the bar - I said, 'Hey, what's good ya'll?' I just want to have one of those matches just one time in a bar, going nuts. Then, we get back to having a couple of drinks afterward.

"We definitely got to throw in The New Day in there. just because those are our boys. We've been cool forever and we got a lot of love for those guys. Harlem Heat and The Usos."

Ford then shared some more of the dream matches he has in mind, including one with a tag team that existed nearly 30 years ago.

"[Dawkins] said pretty much all of them, and then I would have to add on to there, as well, The Hardy Boyz, just because you guys started pretty much that whole TLC. That pretty much transcended, and still to this day, everybody still pulls moments and spots on from it. You definitely got to add the Hardy Boyz there, definitely say The Rockers just because I always wanted to work with Shawn Michaels, so definitely add those two," stated Ford.

"But yeah, pretty much all those tag teams and pretty much anybody now, as well, too, just to get a chance to create some different scenarios and magic with different types of styles and people."

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