Happy Saturday, everyone! We have a solid card in store tonight for Warrior Wrestling’s Stadium Series. Coverage will begin here at 8:00pm EST and the show is airing on Fite TV. Feel free to get the discussion started leading up to and throughout the show.

Welcome in, everyone. We are ready to get the action started with Wrestling Inc.’s own Nick Hausman sharing the call with Rich for Warrior Wrestling’s first installment of the Stadium Series airing from Chicago Heights!

Daga vs. Isaias Velesquez

The bell has sounded and a lockup will get the action started. Daga with the go-behind and Isaias with a drop toehold counter. Isaias now with a head scissors and Daga slips out of it. Isaias with an arm drag. The two hit the ropes with and exchange a pair of quick covers and kickouts. Daga slides to the outside for a breather. Isaias charges and misses a kick to the head.

Back up on the apron, Daga hits a dragon screw leg whip on the ropes and regains control. Daga wrenching the knee, but Isaias gets to the rope to break the hold. Isaias with body shots, fights his way back to his feet. The comeback doesn’t last long as Daga slams the injured knee back into the mat. Daga continues working the knee, slamming it on the apron, using the ring like a weapon. A repeated slam on the apron sends Isaias rolling back into the middle of the ring.

Daga continuing to wrench at the knee as he sinks in a modified figure four leglock. Isaias slips out, hits the ropes and jumps into a Death Valley Driver and gets face planted for the finish.

Winner: Daga

Tom Lawlor vs. Kevin Coo

The two start the match showing off their technical wrestling abilities. Lots of reverses before the match gets going steady. Lawlor hits a nasty clothesline on Coo. Coo gets buckle bombed into the corner. Same move that ended Sting’s career!

Back in the middle of the ring, Lawlor has Coo tied up in a modified Sharpshooter. Still in the Sharpshooter, Lawlor drops on him and wrenches the neck back. Coo reaches the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. Both guys working extremely hard in this match.

Coo counters a suplex and hits a gut wrench slam. Running uppercut catches Lawlor on the chin. Coo with a couple of kicks, but Lawlor tries to hit a powerbomb. Coo slips out and hits an enziguri! Both guys are down on the mat and the ref starts the count. Finally up to their feet, Coo charges with a splash in the corner. Tries for another and Lawlor catches him with a rear naked choke! Coo slips out and counters with a pin – only a two count!

Down on their knees, the guys are exchanging hard rights. Lawlor sinks in a guillotine choke. Ref checking on Coo, but Coo fights out of it. Lawlor with a mule kick to the face of Coo. Coo slapping Lawlor and Lawlor hits a big suplex. These guys are about spent! Lawlor calls for the finish, but Coo counters with a gut buster. Lawlor comes back with a V-Trigger and finishes the match with a Torture Rack Slam.

Winner: Tom Lawlor

After the match, there’s a promo from Frank The Clown dissing Warrior Wrestling for not wanting him.

Kimber Lee vs. Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa, in her 6th year of pro wrestling is coming off a hard loss against Hikaru Shida at All Out. A lockup will get this match started and Lee gets the better of Rosa – backing her into the corner. Side headlock in the middle of the ring and Rosa counters with a head scissors. Lee counters with her own. Rosa flips out of it and gets back to her feet. Roman knuckle lock now and Lee sweeps the feet out from under Rosa.

Rosa tries to bridge up, but Lee drops the knees on the abdomen. Rosa reverses and sinks in an arm bar. The women get back to their feet and taunt the crowd for chants. Rosa catches a boot and slams her back down, but Lee does the splits to avoid the damage. Lee sends Rosa to the ropes and hits her with a pump kick. Lee pulls Rosa up and hits a stalling vertical suplex. Cover and a two count.

Rosa goes back on the offensive and hits a pair of kicks that drops Lee over the middle rope. Rosa charges and slams into the neck area. Rosa follows it up with a pump kick to the head of Lee. Strong right hand by Rosa before she wrenches the knee over the middle rope. Ref breaks the hold. Rosa charges into the corner and hits a dropkick. Cover in the middle of the ring and gets a two count. Rosa drives the knee into the canvas three times and begins stomping away at Lee. Lee counters with a spinning kick and sinks in a submission attempt.

Lee has her legs wrapped around the midsection of Rosa, but Rosa counters and has Lee stretched out in the middle of the ring. Lee fights her way over to the ropes and breaks the hold. Rosa clubs away at the back of Lee. Lee misses a big kick, but follows up with a roundhouse to the head of Rosa. German Suplex into the pin attempt by Lee gets a two count. Rosa follows it up with a big neck breaker. Cover is only good for a two count. The women are slugging it out as they get back to their feet. Lee hits the ropes but Rosa follows with a right forearm. Rosa hits the ropes and Lee follows with a pump kick.

Lee hits the back breaker and goes for the cover, but Rosa kicks out. Lee goes up top and tries for the Swanton Bomb, but Rosa gets the knees up. Drop kick by Rosa and a Thunder Driver! 1,2,3!

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Another Frank The Clown video follows the match. He says he is a main eventer, as is Robert Anthony and they should be in the main event of every show.

Joey Janela vs. Warhorse

A lockup gets it started and Janela backs Warhorse to the corner. Janela misses the chop attempt. Lockup again and Warhorse sends Janela to the corner and connects his chop attempt. Warhorse sends Janela to the ropes. Janela slips behind for a back slide. Warhorse counters and the two exchange a few counter pin attempts. Back to their feet, the two men headbang and Janela kicks him in the stomach.

Janela is in control and drops Warhorse. Warhorse sent to the corner. Chops by Janela, but Warhorse powers up. Now the two exchange chops, before Janela hits him with repeated chops. Janela has Warhorse down on the mat and wrenching at the arm now. Warhorse slips out of the move and connects with hard shots to the back of Janela’s head. Janela rolls to the outside for a breather, but Warhorse hits a flip through the ropes.

Janela sent back in the ring and Warhorse comes off the top rope with a dropkick. Warhorse has a Sharpshooter applied to Janela. Janela makes it to the rope and breaks the hold. Body Slam by Warhorse. Warhorse going up top, but Janela stops him and hits a superplex. Cover and Warhorse kicks out at two. Warhorse follows up with a kick on the apron and follows it up with a double stomp. Warhorse is in full control – runs around the ring, but Janela hits him with a clothesline.

Back in the ring, Warhorse answers back with a clothesline of his own. Pump kick by Janela on the outside. He picks Warhorse up on his shoulders and runs the length of the football field before planting him with a fireman’s carry. Janela runs back to the ring and the ref starts the count. Warhorse makes it back to the ring at 9.9 and is met with a superkick. Cover by Janela is good for a 2.9 count!

Brain Buster by Janela. He goes for another and Warhorse counters. Warhorse goes up top and misses the elbow drop. Janela hits a modified Cross Rhodes and Warhorse kicks out at one. Janela slams Warhorse’s head into the top turnbuckle but he’s not phased. Warhorse with a brain buster of his own. Cover and Janela kicks out. Warhorse pulls Janela up and they exchange hard rights. Warhorse with a jaw breaker – hits the ropes and eats a superkick. Janela follows it up with a package piledriver. Cover and Warhorse kicks out at two. Superkick by Janela and a cover – kick out again! Warhorse steals the win with a roll up.

Winner: Warhorse

After the match, Janela grabs a mic and tries to talk but gets attacked by two masked men. The men smash trash cans over Janela’s head. Janela tries to fight back, but he’s overmatched. The men roll Janela into the ring. One of the masked men hit him with a Death Valley Driver and plant Janela in the middle of the ring. Rain is coming down and the men continue to stomp away at Janela. Extra refs finally get out to help Janela and send the attackers running.

Another Frank The Clown commercial saying Warrior Wrestling has three events scheduled over the next three weeks and says Warrior Wrestling needs him, but he doesn’t need them. He continues saying he’s been on all nine of Warrior Wrestling’s events, but is pissed that he’s not on this event.

Alex Shelley vs. TJP

Quick lockup before Shelley takes control of the wrist. Shelley continues to work the arm/wrist. TJP counters and works the ankle of Shelley. Shelley reaching up and grabs a handful of TJP’s hair. TJP backs off and allows Shelley to his feet. Roman knuckle lock now and TJP takes control. Shelley with a beautiful reversal. TJP cartwheels out of it but Shelley sinks in a head scissor lock. TJP with a headstand, slips out and surf boards Shelley.

Shelley sweeps the legs out from under TJP and applies a submission hold. TJP gets out of it and gets a near fall. The two men exchange impressive counters before Shelley gets control again with a modified figure four submission. TJP back to his feet, but his legs are swept out by Shelley, who continues stretching TJP out in the middle of the ring.

TJP getting some offense in now and hits Shelley with an arm breaker over the shoulder. TJP tries to roll Shelley up but sinks in an anaconda grip. Shelley manages to counter, showing off his experience and technical prowess. TJP is struggling to get anything going with Shelley keeping him grounded for the majority of this match. TJP sent to the ropes, he counters and slips through the legs of Shelley and takes him down with a toe hold.

TJP finally getting some work in – hits another arm breaker and has Shelley grounded. Shelley back to his feet and TJP goes for an uppercut, but Shelley dodges and spins it into a back slide pin attempt, but not good enough to end it. Shelley back in control, grounding a very frustrated TJP. Shelley with a STF now and transitions into a modified figure four. TJP struggles, but finds his way to the ropes.

Shelley pulls TJP back to the middle of the ring. TJP counters with a surf board stretch. Suplex by TJP, hits a second, goes for the third, but Shelley counters with a roll up and gets the victory.

Winner: Alex Shelley

Shelley takes the mic after the match and thanks everyone for sticking around through the rain delay. He says that was the type of action that only Warrior Wrestling can bring and they will never bring anything that’s “subpar.”

TJP takes the mic and panders to the crowd, stating that Chicago is like a second home to him and thanks the fans for staying through the delay.

Dan The Dad vs. Elayna Black

Dan sips on his cup of coffee. Black wants to lock it up, but Dan pulls away and finishes his coffee. Dan, still with his mug, is slipping behind for the hammer lock. Black back around and hits a kick to the stomach, takes his mug and throws the coffee in his face.

Dan picks Black up on his shoulders. Black shows him the death tarot card and freaks him out. Black takes control momentarily before Dan hits her with a jaw breaker. Black sends him to the corner and charges. Dan gets the New Balances up and kicks her in the face. Black in the corner – Dan hits a pair of splashes.

Dan drops her to the canvas in the middle of the ring. Cover and a two count. Black gets back to her feet and hits an uppercut. Dan with a back elbow that drops Black on the middle rope. Dan takes his belt off and slaps her across the back with it. Black takes his glasses off and breaks them. Dan charges and gets hit with a double underhook DDT for the finish.

Winner: Elayna Black

Ben Carter vs. Brian Cage

Carter tries to go behind on Cage, but Cage throws him off effortlessly. Carter hits the ropes and tries an around-the-world DDT, but Cage catches him and sends him to the corner. Cage charges, Carter dodges and uses his quickness to string together some offenses. Carter with a flying head-scissor attempt, but Cage catches him again and tosses him over the ropes.

Cage follows after Carter, but Carter sends Cage into the ring post. Cage recovers and uses the ring as a weapon as he drops Carter on the apron. Carter turns the tables and sends Cage to the ring post again. Back in the ring, Cage with a release German suplex, but Carter lands on his feet. Cage hits a huge superkick and goes for the cover. Carter kicks out at two.

Cage tosses Carter across the ring before sending him to the corner and launches him with a German suplex. Carter is looking dazed and eats a big right hand from Cage. Huge clotheslines take down Carter. Carter manages to get Cage tied up in the ropes and hits a double stomp. Near fall! Cage rolls out of it with a hold on Carter and slams him down – cover and a two count of his own!

Cage sends Carter to the ropes and Carter hits a spinning DDT. Both guys to their feet and Carter hits a pair of dropkicks. Cage with a big forearm and sends Carter to the corner. Cage charges and he hits the ring post as he goes through the ropes to the outside. Carter follows with a pair of flips over the top rope onto Cage. Carter rolls Cage into the ring and comes off the top rope. Cage catches him but Carter slips out and rolls him up for a near fall.

Carter off the top with a frog splash. Cover and another near fall. Cage regains control and hits a second rope suplex. Cover and a two count of his own. Cage calls for the Drill Claw, but Carter counters out and plants him. Cover and a two count. Carter going up top and misses the splash but connects on the superkick. Back up top and hits the Phoenix Splash! Cover and 1,2….Cage gets the shoulder up. Carter going back up top for the third time and Cage catches him and plants him with the powerbomb. Cover and near fall. Cage with the Drill Claw finally gets the finish.

Winner: Brian Cage

The Rascalz vs. Reed/Bey/Oliver

Bey and Tre start the match. Tre hits the ropes and Bey hits a hurricanrana, but Tre flips forward out of it. Bey to the outside. Tre goes to take flight but Bey dodges. Pair of counters and Bey hits a hurricanrana on the outside.

Oliver and Zach are the legal men now in the ring. Oliver hits the arm drag and the men roll to the outside. Reed takes flight with a suicide dive. Reed and Xavier are the legal men in the ring. Reed with a slingshot legdrop, pin and two count. Xavier with a German suplex, but Reed lands on his feet. Xavier hits the cutter. Reed dumps Xavier to the outside and eats a superkick.

Oliver comes through the bottom rope with a suicide Stunner. Tre with his own suicide dive to the outside. Bey goes up top but gets met by Zach. Bey performs a cutter on Zach to the outside on top of all the other competitors. The Rascalz get rolled to the inside. Triple clothesline misses. They all hit a vape and the match goes slow motion. Rascalz hit the ropes in slow motion with the three challengers following. Bey, Reed and Oliver hit the ropes in slow motion. Rascalz all counter in real time with Canadian Destroyers.

Rascalz all surrounding Bey. Bey fires fists at all three and hits the ropes. Caught by Tre, but the Oliver and Reed come to Bey’s aid. Code Breaker to Tre and a triple superkick. Tre gets pinned but the Rascalz break up the cover. Tre double stomps the back of Reed. Triple dropkick to Reed. Tre goes up top but misses. Reed counters with an enziguri. Bey eats a lot of offense from the Rascalz, gets pinned and Reed/Oliver make the save.

Rascalz all on the outside and Bey/Reed/Oliver hit dives to the outside. Back in the ring, Reed hits a double cutter. Bey with a leaping leg drop takes down Xavier. Zach is placed up on the top rope. Zach gets out of it and Tre hits Bey with a superkick. Torture Rack and Double Stomp on Bey is good enough for the finish.

Winner: The Rascalz

Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship Match – Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Kylie Ray

This will be Tessa Blanchard’s first wrestling match in several months. She looks incredibly focused and fierce ahead of the matchup. Kylie extends a hand out. Blanchard pulls her in close for a stare down. A lockup officially gets things started. Blanchard in control with a wrist lock. Rae flips through and counters. Blanchard counters again with a side headlock.

Rae with a headlock takedown of her own. Blanchard back in control with a choke hold. Rae counters, but Blanchard bails to the outside saying that Rae was pulling her hair. Blanchard argues with the ref some more and finally gets back in the ring. Rae sends Blanchard to the corner and hits a running uppercut. Blanchard slips to the outside and pulls Rae down to the outside.

Blanchard and Rae get back in the ring. Blanchard tosses Rae around the ring and the two go to the outside again. Blanchard dragging Rae around the football field. Blanchard laying some heavy right hands on Kylie Rae. Blanchard in total control here – kicking Rae down the field. Blanchard is dragging Rae back to the ring and taunting the crowd. Back in the ring, Blanchard working the hand/wrist of Rae and smacking her around. Rae is looking like she’s had enough and starts fighting back.

Rae with a pair of forearm shots to the jaw of Blanchard. Blanchard drops Rae down to the middle rope and pump kicks her in the side of the head. Rae back to her feet and hits a back elbow to Blanchard. Big boot to the face by Kylie Rae. Superkick by Rae. Cover and a two count. Rae with clubbing blows to the back of Blanchard, but Blanchard fires back with a strong right. Rae fires with a strong right of her own that rocks Blanchard.

Trading blows now and Rae is getting the better of Blanchard. Rip cord clothesline by Blanchard and follows it with a suplex. Cover and a near fall. Rae back up and rolls Blanchard with a two count. Big cutter from Blanchard. Cover and another near fall. Blanchard stomping away at Rae. Blanchard with a DDT. Cover and another near fall. Blanchard walks across Rae and goes to the top rope. Rae meets her up top and clubs away at the back of Blanchard. Rae setting up for a superplex, but is tossed to the mat. Blanchard off the top but misses and Kylie Rae rolls her up for the three count!

Winner and new Warrior Wrestling Women’s Champion: Kylie Rae