Warrior Wrestling is back with night three of their Stadium Series event and last event of the year. Nights 1 & 2 were spectacular and Warrior Wrestling is looking to close the series and year out on a high note. The event is available on FITE TV for $14.99 and we have your live coverage right here starting at 8:00pm EST. Night 3 will be headlined with a Triple Threat match for the Warrior Wrestling Championship as the champion, Brian Pillman Jr. is set to take on Brian Cage and Trey Miguel! Join us in the comment section leading up to and throughout the show!

Welcome in to night three of Warrior Wrestling’s Stadium Series. Wrestling Inc.’s Managing Editor, Nick Hausman and his broadcast partner Rich Bocchini are on the call tonight.

Moose vs. Suicide

Suicide starts the match on the offensive and outsmarts Moose by low-bridging him to the outside. Moose places Suicide up against the ring post and goes for the chop but Suicide moves and Moose injures his hand on the post. Back up on the apron, Suicide catches Moose on the side of the head and knocks him to the field. Suicide tries the hurricanrana off the apron but Moose catches him and powerbombs him onto the apron.

Back in the ring, Moose is in full control of Suicide in the corner. Suicide gets to his feet and applies an octopus stretch on Moose, but Moose pulls him off and slams him to the canvas. Moose tries to rip the mask off of Suicide, but the ref doesn’t allow it and Moose stomps away at Suicide. Suicide is sent to the corner hard and drops to the mat. Moose charges but Suicide dodges it. Suicide with a kick and climbs up top but Moose stops him and throws him across the ring.

Moose follows it up with a few slaps to the face that appears to fire Suicide up and he strings together some offense and hits a lionsault off the middle rope. Cover and a near fall. Suicide with a pair of superkicks. Goes for a third but Moose catches it. Moose rocks him with a forearm and hits the ropes and gets turned inside out by Suicide. Cover by Suicide, but Moose reaches the bottom rope.

The guys are back to their feet and exchange chops and forearms. Moose with a pump kick and follows up with a shoulder tackle, but Suicide catches him with a cutter. Cover and a near fall! Suicide going up top but gets cut off and Moose follows it up with a huge spear for the win.

Winner: Moose

Mike Bennett vs. Cheeseburger

Handshake in the middle of the ring and a lockup will start the action. Bennett with a wrist lock but Cheeseburger reverses. Chain wrestling taking place as the guys show off their technical ability. Bennett with a waist lock and takes the action down to the canvas, but Cheeseburger slips away. Bennett with a shove to the face. Cheeseburger slaps him in the face to answer back. Pair of chops by Cheeseburger and he climbs up on the back of Bennett and stretches him out, but Bennett throws him off.

Bennett has had enough and stomps away at Cheeseburger in the corner and hits a big kick to the jaw. Cover and Cheeseburger kicks out at two. Bennett puts a knee in the back of Cheeseburger and wrenches away at his neck. Cheeseburger gets leveled with a lariat. Cover and another near fall. Bennett maintains control and keeps Cheeseburger grounded and hits a double stomp to the abdomen. Cover and another near fall.

Bennett puts Cheeseburger up on the top rope and follows up with a big boot to the side of his head. Cover and another near fall. Cheeseburger sends Bennett to the outside. Bennett back in gets hit by a flying forearm. Uppercut by Cheeseburger and he follows with a superkick and a running senton. Cover and a near fall. Guillotine choke by Cheeseburger, but Bennett reverses and goes for a spear but gets caught in a front choke. Bennett looks like he’s going to tap, but manages to escape and slides to the outside. Cheeseburger follows and gets hit with a Rock Bottom on the apron.

Back in the ring, Bennett hits a spear and goes for the cover, but he kicks out at two. Bennett signals for a piledriver, but Cheeseburger with a back drop. Roll up pin attempt is no good and the guys are to their feet momentarily before Cheeseburger sinks in an arm bar. Bennett gets to his feet and connects a lariat. Piledriver is flush for the finish.

Winner: Mike Bennett

Isaias Velazquez vs. Travis Titan

Isaias and Titan going toe to toe exchanging holds and reverses to kick the action off. Looks like this is going to be an extremely fast-paced match as Isaias goes up and over Titan and Titan hits a crossbody off the ropes. Titan goes for the disaster kick but is caught by a perfect dropkick. Isaias with a cross face, but Titan gets to his feet. Isaias with a flying forearm takes Titan off his feet.

Head scissor lock on the mat by Isaias. Titan manages to slip out and the action resets. Isaias with a forearm smash. Titan with a few of his own and follows up with a dropkick. Shoulder tackle by Titan in the corner and he follows it with a Stinger Splash. Titan with a Sliced Bread – cover and a near fall. Titan goes up top, but misses the double stomp. Isaias hits Sliced Bread and goes up top and connects his own double stomp. Cover and a two count.

Titan with a Claymore kick and goes up top and hits a Frog Splash. Cover and a near fall. Titan with a Titan’s Arrow. Isaias answers with a double underhook driver for the win.

Winner: Isaias Velazquez

Beast Man vs. Rhino

A lockup will get the match under way. Beast Man backs Rhino into the corner. The action restarts and Rhino with wrist lock, but Beast Man bites him. Hard rights by Rhino and he follows it with an eye poke. Rhino tries the shoulder tackle but Beast Man doesn’t budge. Hard right by Rhino and a shoulder tackle will roll Beast Man to the outside. Strong chop by Rhino and an eye gauge by Beast Man.

Beast Man slams Rhino’s head off the apron and hits him with a strong right uppercut. Back in the ring, Rhino is over the middle rope and Beast Man chokes him with his bone. 400lbs of Beast Man drives Rhino into the corner. Rhino fighting back for a moment but Beast Man levels him with a tackle. Rhino fights back to his feet but is leveled again and Beast Man hits a sitting senton.

Beast Man puts a chair on Rhino and goes for another sitting senton, but Rhino turns it sideways and drives it into Beast Man’s groin. Beast Man gets dropped with a flying clothesline. Rhino calling for a Gore, but Beast Man gets a boot up. Husk Bomb on Rhino – cover and a near fall. Beast Man going up top and misses the Husk Drop and Rhino hits the Gore for the win.

Winner: Rhino

Air Wolf vs. Angel Dorado vs. Jason Page vs. Sam Beale vs. Davey Bang vs. The Savage King

Savage King dumps two men over the rope before being low-bridged himself. Angel with a diving uppercut. Air Wolf and Angel with beautiful double team work on Page. Savage King back in and being double teamed by Wolf & Angel. Bang back in and tries to get some offense in on Wolf and Angel. Springboard clothesline from Bang. Page back in and takes the legs out from under Bang.

Uppercut by Page followed by an enziguri. Beale back in and taking the work to Page. Running knee by Beale and Savage King slides back in and hoists Beale back up. Bang slips in and dropkicks King to the outside. Bang going up top and hits a flip onto the outside crowd. Beale going up top and hits a crossbody to the crowd and takes everyone out. Page with a moonsault off the outside of the turnbuckle takes them all out again. Savage King gets leveled by a dropkick by Wolf.

Pair of bridging German suplexes. Bang hits a Frog Splash that breaks it up. Bang working on Page, but Page with a pump kick and a driver. Beale breaks it up and Savage King slides back into the action before being taken right back out. Angel going up top and connects with a shooting star press to the outside. Angel and Wolf are finally squaring off and Wolf rolls up Angel for the pin.

Winner: Air Wolf

Blake Christian vs. Zachary Wentz

Lockup in the middle of the ring and Wentz backs Christian to the corner before resetting the action. Wentz with the reversal and go-behind. Christian with a wrist lock. Wentz with a arm drag takedown attempt, but Christian flips through and lands on his feet. Christian with a back flip off the middle rope into an arm drag. Pace is picking up and Wentz connects on a series of kicks. Cover and a kick out at two.

Wentz sends Christian to the ropes and eats a bulldog in return. Christian hits the ropes and tries to leap frog Wentz, but gets planted with a flapjack. Wentz in control now and hits a running knee and a punt kick to the face. Cover and a near fall. Wentz hits a dropkick. Cover and another near fall. Forearm smash by Christian. Last Chancory applied by Wentz, but Christian manages to escape.

Christian with a powerful spinebuster. Christian with an arm breaker and catches Wentz with a flying clothesline. Christian with a back handspring scissor kick. Cover and a near fall. Christian with a roll up attempt, but no good. Wentz with his own back handspring knee strike. Christian answers with a punt kick. Christian misses the high risk attempt and Wentz tries to capitalize with a cover, but no good.

Christian rolls to the outside. Wentz seeking to fly, but Christian rolls back into the ring and catches him with a kick that sends him to the outside. Christian goes up top and hits the crossbody to the outside. Ref starts counting but they roll back in at 9. Exchanging forearm shots back in the middle of the ring. Christian with a pair of pump kicks and hits a standing Spanish Fly.

Christian gets planted with a 1% for the finish.

Winner: Zachary Wentz

No Holds Barred Match – Robert Anthony w/ Frank The Clown vs. Joey Janela

The bell rings and the action gets started quickly with exchanged punches. Janela takes advantage early before Anthony fires back. Janela with a pump kick and he throws a door at Anthony and breaks it over his back. Janela spends too much time showing off and Anthony spears him through another door in the corner. Anthony repeated hits Janela over the back with the broken door and Janela rolls to the outside.

Anthony pursues and Janela regains the advantage. Janela grabs a chair and smashes Anthony over the back. Janela then grabs the broken door and smashes it over Anthony’s head. Janela going for the suplex, but Anthony turns it around and hits one of his own. Frank The Clown setting up some chairs and put door over it as a makeshift table. Anthony with a hard forearm shot to Janela.

Anthony sets Janela up in a seated chair, with Frank in front of him and leaps over Frank and hits Janela with a flying back elbow. Anthony throwing chairs back into the ring and sends Janela face first into the ring post. Frank sets up another makeshift table in the ring while Anthony beats Janela with a kendo stick. Back in the ring, Janela and Anthony are up on the top rope and Janela drives him through the door and chair with a superplex.

Janela stomping away at Anthony and connecting with repeated hard right hands. Anthony is seated in a chair as Janela goes up top and attempts a swanton. Anthony moves and Janela crashes onto the chair. Anthony setting up more chairs while Frank The Clown stomps away at Janela. Another makeshift table is set up and Janela connects Anthony with a superkick that drops Anthony on the table. Janela goes up top but Frank hits him with a mallet and hits him with a Death Valley Driver through the table and Anythony goes for the cover, but Janela somehow kicks out!

Anthony sets up chairs back to back. Janela hits Anthony with a powerbomb on the chairs and goes for the cover but Frank breaks it up. Janela now beating the hell out of Frank and sends Frank through the table on the outside with a Tombstone Piledriver! Back in the ring, Anthony hits Janela with a powerbomb – goes for the cover and Janela manages to kick out. Anthony sends Janela to the outside and beats him with a piece of the broken door. Anthony puts Janela into the Slingshot car that him and Frank drove in during their entrance. Anthony gets in to drive Janela to the end zone. Anthony sets up a pair of tables in the endzone and goes back to grab Janela.

Janela is fighting back with wild punches and hits a superkick. Janela setting up more tables and goes for a ladder and sets it up under the field goal post. Hard right forearm smash lays Anthony on the tables. Janela attacks Frank and lays him on the table as well. Janela heads up on the goal post and hits a Swanton Bomb through the tables for the win!

Winner: Joey Janela

Janela takes the mic after the match and thanks Warrior Wrestling and the fans for having him.

Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship – Kylie Rae (c) vs. Madison Rayne

A lockup gets this thing going and Rayne backs Kylie to the corner. The match resets and they lock up again. Kylie with the go-behind and Rayne reverses, but Kylie gets out and drops Rayne with a drop toe hold. Rayne stuck in a side headlock. The ladies now exchanging leg sweep pin attempts, but neither are having luck. Kylie charges Rayne in the corner but eats turnbuckle instead. Big clothesline by Rayne and a cover in the middle of the ring, but Kylie kicks out at two.

Rayne drops Kylie with a running clothesline. Cover and a near fall. Kylie back to her feet and rocks Rayne with a hard right. Rayne levels Kylie and goes for another cover. Kylie kicks out and Rayne attempts yet another pin, but no good. Kylie to the outside and Rayne pursues. Rayne stretching Kylie out on the 50-yard line. Kylie gets to her feet and gets hit with a cutter.

The action gets back to the ring and Rayne charges Kylie in the corner but gets hit by an uppercut. Kylie on the offensive now and hits a clothesline and an arm drag. Rayne trying to battle back, but Kylie shuts it down and levels her again. Cover and a near fall. Kylie grabs her belt and yells at Rayne, saying she will not take the belt with her. Rayne levels Kylie and goes for the cover, but Kylie kicks out at the last split second. Rayne goes for a reverse DDT, but Kylie escapes and sinks in the cross-face, but Rayne rolls over for a pin attempt, but Kylie rolls through still holding the cross-face but Rayne is in the ropes.

Kylie connects with a superkick. Rayne is staggering and Kylie hits another superkick for the win. The match is Rayne’s last independent match.

Winner and still champion: Kylie Rae

Warrior Wrestling Championship Triple Threat Match – Brian Pillman Jr. (c) vs. Trey Miguel vs. Brian Cage

The bell rings and Miguel takes Pillman out with a running knee and then gets leveled by Cage. Pillman hits the ropes and Cage hits him with a pump kick. Cage going to work on Miguel now and hits a release German suplex. Cage catches Pillman in mid-air and bicep curls him. Miguel back in and him and Pillman double team Cage to take him out. Migue and Pillman squaring off and Miguel gets hit with a big powerslam.

Pillman leaps off the ring onto Cage but he gets hit with powerbomb instead. Cage then catches a diving Miguel and hits him with a suplex on the outside. Cage rolls Miguel inside and goes for the cover but Miguel kicks out. Cage now has Miguel in a Boston Crab in the ropes and then an Indian Deathlock on Pillman in the middle of the ring. Miguel now back to his feet and is hitting repeated chest kicks to Cage and Pillman.

Pillman catches Miguel with a huge superkick in mid-air and takes out Cage with a double axe-handle. Pillman then gets hit with a double stomp from Miguel. Cover and a near fall. Pillman gets to his feet and exchanges shots with Miguel. Michinoku Driver by Pillman – cover and a near fall. Cage with a pump handle Falcon Arrow – cover and a near fall. Miguel hits Cage with a roundhouse kick and a power slide. Cover and a near fall for Miguel. Miguel going high risk, but Cage knocks him off the rope.

Cage misses the discus forearm on Pillman, but connects on the second attempt. Miguel capitalizes with a poison-rana on Cage. All three men are back to their feet and Miguel hits the ropes but eats a double superkick. Cage then hits a rip cord punch and Pillman answers with a knee strike. Cage hits the F5 on Pillman. Miguel comes off the top but Cage catches him and takes him out. Pillman then hits the Jackhammer on Cage – cover and a near fall. Pillman goes for a Jackhammer on Miguel, but Miguel counters out with a small package pin and gets the three count!

Winner and new Warrior Wrestling Champion: Trey Miguel