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Intro song. (Hail the Crown)

Vic Joseph and former NXT cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the ThunderDome. Ariya Daivari makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. He’ll be taking on Tehuti Miles, who confidently struts out second.

Ariya Daivari versus Tehuti Miles

Daivari lands a jab to open the action. Miles goes for a right but Daivari easily ducks away and jabs him two more times. Daivari yells, “COME ON ROOKIE.” More punches by Daivari takes Miles to the mat. After more taunting Miles chases Daivari around the ring…back inside Miles connects with a reverse elbow. He stomps Daivari in the corner, then Irish-whips Daivari hard into the turnbuckle. Daivari bounces back and throws Miles to the outside. Miles tries to bring him to the outside as well…Daivari uses his feet to shove Miles into the announce table. Neckbreaker by Daivari for a nearfall. Miles creates some separation with a snapmare but Daivari hits a stiff lariat to take back control. Miles counters Daivari’s hammerlock lariat with a DDT. He unloads a flurry of strikes and hits a big spinebuster. Cover…only two. Miles goes to the top for a high-risk maneuver…Daivari moves and Miles comes up limping when he lands. Daivari takes advantage with a running elbow. Miles nearly steals the match with a series of quick pinfalls. Superkick by Daivari, followed by the hammerlock lariat…and that’ll do it.

Ariya Daivari wins by pinfall

After the match Daivari offers Miles a handshake…but instead pulls it back and yells “SIKE!” Miles doesn’t like that. Referee separates the men before things get physical. We go to our first commercial break of the night. Advertisement for WWE shop, and a promotion for Jerry Lawler on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions.

Footage of this week’s NXT on USA is played, where Isiah “Swerve” Scott pinned cruiserweight champion Santos Escobar in tag team action. Commentary asks if he’ll get another title shot in the future.

Mansoor is out for our second bout of the night. His opponent…Colby Corino…is already in the ring.

Mansoor versus Colby Corino

Headlock from Mansoor to start. Corino grabs a wristlock…nice sequence of chain wrestling…Mansoor slows the place with a hammerlock. Mansoor catches Corino coming off the ropes with an atomic drop, then levels Corino with a standing lariat. Irish-whip and running lariat. Mansoor climbs the middle-rope and connects with a jumping bulldog. Corino gets the heat on Mansoor after kicking out his legs out on the ropes. Jumping inverted senton from Corino for a one-count. Mansoor hip-tosses Corino…he follows up with a powerslam. Northern-lights suplex…he puts Corino on the ropes and lands a weird looking neckbreaker. He wins with a modified DVD.

Mansoor wins by pinfall

Gulak reminds us that Mansoor has yet to lose on 205 Live. Flashback to last week’s main event, where Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan defeated Ever-Rise despite multiple attempts by Ever-Rise to cheat to win.

It’s main event time. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are out first. Ever-Rise is second. Daivari has joined the commentary table for this match. Parker and Martel begin yelling at Vic Joseph and blaming him for their loss last week. Here we go.

Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch versus Ever-Rise

Lorcan begins…Parker and Martel use quick tags and hit a double-chop on Lorcan. Lorcan brings Martel to his team’s corner and the spot is repeated for the babyfaces. Lorcan rocks Parker with a running uppercut, which almost wins them the match until Martel breaks up the pin. Parker traps Lorcan in a modified cobra-clutch, then smashes Lorcan off the top turnbuckle. Parker tries to stomp Lorcan but the referee pulls him back and allows Lorcan to get his feet. Tandem offense by Ever-Rise, including an assisted codebreaker. Burch JUST breaks up the pin at the last second. Lorcan makes the hot tag to Burch…he runs through Ever-Rise with ease, dropping them with stiff headbutts and right hands. Huge lariat by Burch onto Martel…very close two. Burch tags Lorcan back in…Legado Del Fantasma storms the ring causing a DQ.

Match is ruled a no contest

Legado Del Fantasma, led by Santos Escobar, run through Lorcan, Burch, and Ever-Rise with a steel chair. They duct tape Martel’s mouth closed and stomp Parker. They stand tall over all the bodies in the ring.

That’s the show friends.