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Intro song (Hail the Crown)

Vic Joseph and a returning Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the ThunderDome. Ariya Daivari makes his way to the ring for our opening contest. His opponent is already in the ring.

Ariya Daivari versus Enhancement Talent

Tie-up. Daivari immediately traps the man in the corner and unloads a flurry of strikes. He bounces him off the ropes and hits a heel kick, then ties him up in the tree-of-woe. Daivari to the other turnbuckle….running dropkick connects. Daivari sets up for the hammerlock lariat…he lands it. This one is over quick.

Enhancement Talent Eliminated

His next opponent…also unnamed…runs into the ring. Daivari makes short work of him. He beats him down on the outside. Back in the ring Daivari hits a big knife-edged chop. This guy attempts a flying crossbody from the top rope but Daivari easily evades it. Hammerlock-lariat and this bout also ends quickly.

Enhancement Talent Eliminated

Jason Kane is next. He flies into the ring and rocks Daivari with a lariat. Daivari is stunned. Kane follows up with a running chop and attempts a springboard maneuver…Daivari counters and takes Kane down with a uranagi. Cover…only two. Daivari yells at the referee for counting slow. Kane surprises Daivari with a cradle, then a school-boy. Daivari eventually regains control and wins with the hammerlock-lariat.

Ariya Daivari wins by pinfall

Footage of last month’s matchup between Danny Burch and Tony Nese is shown, where Burch picked up what Joseph called the biggest win in his 205 Live career. That sets up our main event, which is next.

Commercial for WWE shop, followed by an advertisement for Connor’s Cure.

Danny Burch is out first…Tony Nese is second. Here we go.

Danny Burch versus Tony Nese

Tie-up. Burch forces Nese into the corner…Nese powers both men back into the center, then wrestles Burch to the ground. They reset. Knuckle-lock…Burch wins the exchange and sweeps Nese off his feet. Nese quickly applies a rear naked choke. Burch gets to his feet but Nese snapmares him down and keeps the pressure centered around Burch’s neck. Burch manages to snag Nese’s wrist…Nese gets to the ropes and Burch is forced to let go.

Ariya Daivari begins walking down the entrance path distracting Burch. Burch goes to meet him but Nese lariats Burch from behind. He and Daivari share a look. Back in the ring Nese mounts Burch and unloads fists. Daivari joins the commentary table. Nese Irish-whips Burch hard into the turnbuckles for a nearfall. Nese slows the pace with a headlock. Suplex from Burch…Nese comes right back with a neck chop. Back and forth striking exchange..Nese goes back to work with a rear chinlock. Burch builds up some momentum and climbs the middle-ropes but Nese hits his signature jumping palm strike, then goes for a slam…Burch shifts his weight and lands on his feet…HUGE Headbutt. Both men are down.

Burch drops Nese with a huge right hand…a second. He strings together offense including an uppercut and a back body drop. Burch to the middle-rope…dropkick connects for a two count. Release German suplex and huge lariat…another close two count. The action spills to the outside…back in the ring Nese misses a springboard moonsault…Burch immediately locks in the crossface. Nese trying to break the ropes…Burch pulls back…Nese just gets to the ropes. Another uppercut from Burch, but Nese catches him in a pump-handle driver. Burch BARELY kicks out at two. Joseph and McGuinness really putting both guys over on commentary. Nese misses the running Nese…they both fall to the outside. Burch and Daivari start jaw-jacking…as Burch throws Nese back into the ring Daivari moves forward but Burch superkicks him from the apron. This gives Nese the opening to land a kick and the running Nese for the win.

Tony Nese wins by pinfall

Nese celebrates in the ring after the match as Burch keeps an eye on Daivari. That’s the show friends.