WWE Hall of Famer and pro-wrestling legend Alundra Blayze (aka Madusa) took to Twitter in an attempt to “break the internet” with a revealing photo. The former three-time women’s champion writes, “Well damn! Everyone posting these hot ass pictures of themselves and they look amazing. I don’t think an almost sixty-year-old could break the Internet but let’s give it a try? excuse me let’s talk about these curlers.”

Blayze recently called out WWE for their use of women as exotic dancers on the debut segment of Raw Underground. Blayze stated, “SO? We are bringing back half naked women in the same breath of promoting the evolution and equality of women? Yes this is entertainment yes this is a skit yes this is acting yes these are wrestlers why resort to women sexually dancing opening a show? Why not Men in speedos?”

Former producer Lance Storm backed Blayze up by writing, “I agree with your point completely. I will pop huge tonight though if they do a women’s Underground and have 3 Chip and Dale type dancers. If you’re going to do eye candy and least do it for everyone. #equality.”

The dancers were removed the following week.

Check out the Hall of Famer’s post below.