WWE Legend Gerald Brisco Reveals His "Big Announcement"

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco took to Twitter tonight and trolled fans with the anticipated reveal of the big "news" that he's been teasing.

After being furloughed back in April as a part of the company-wide COVID-19 cuts, Brisco was fully released from WWE last week following a phone call from WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. Brisco, who worked in scouting talents for WWE in recent years, had been with the company for 36 years, since 1984. He teased several days ago that he would be sharing some news tonight after a busy day he had last week, adding that there were changes coming.


Wednesday night came and Brisco posted video to Twitter, which you can see below. The former WWE Hardcore and 24/7 Champion trolled fans for the most part, but he did mention that he will be available for fans on Cameo.

"Hello internet world, it's Wednesday night and I told ya I'd be coming to ya Wednesday night, to make my big announcement," Brisco said. "First of all I just wanna tell you, and I hope you're getting this, I really do. I had to borrow my wife's phone today and she's got a Samsung, and I've got an Apple phone, one of those... smartphones, that you talk and you can see people, you can do this stuff here. I've got that and she's got a Samsung. I don't know how, but I hope it works.


"I've wasted all my time here talking about that, and that's not why you guys came here. I wanna tell you first of all, the love and support you guys, I appreciate you guys appreciating me.

"But I'm not going anywhere, I'm on Cameo. I'll call your girlfriend, tell her you don't love her anymore. I'll call ya momma, wish her Happy Birthday, your brother, Happy Birthday. I'll call your grandma. I may even know your grandma, who knows? 'Papa Was a Rollin' Stone.'"

Brisco continued and talked about his Pro Wrestling Tees store. He also talked about a possible talent agency project with talent agent and attorney CJ Agnone, who noted in his Twitter bio that he is a future NFL talent scout.

"I'm on Pro Wrestling Tees," Brisco continued in the video. "I got new merchandise on Pro Wrestling Tees. One of the thing I got going on, and I'm going to put a press release out on this... I'm going to make this quick so I can get to the big announcement. I got a press release coming out, on me and CJ Agnone, on Twitter follow him, he's going to be an NFL agent and we're going to form a talent agency.

"I'm a talent scout, he's going to handle the pro football, NFL. We're going to have boxing, all kinds of combat sports, and who's going to handle the combat sports? I am. And he's going to handle football. So, look for a press release coming out."


"You know, everything's been going good. So, anyway... you didn't come to listen to all that stuff, you come to hear what my big announcement is. Well, here it is... after 36 years of working behind-the-scenes at WWE, I've decided I'm going to... oh, I got 1% [of battery] here... I better get to it here," Brisco trolled as the video abruptly came to an end.

On a related note, the former "Stooge" told one fan that he currently has no plans to write a book about his career.

Stay tuned for updates on Brisco's post-WWE plans. You can see his related tweets below: