WWE Main Event Recap: Humberto Carrillo & Akira Tozawa In Action, Ricochet Vs. Mustafa Ali

The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Humberto Carrillo makes his entrance as Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips check in on commentary. Akira Tozawa (with three ninjas) makes his entrance.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Akira Tozawa

They lock up. Carrillo backs Tozawa to the corner. Tozawa sits on the top turnbuckle. Tozawa locks in a headlock on Carrillo. Carrillo sends Tozawa to the ropes. Carrillo dumps Tozawa over the top rope to the ring apron. Tozawa goes for a Suplex to the outside, Carrillo blocks it. Carrillo causes Tozawa to fall off the apron, the ninjas catch Tozawa and set him back on the apron. Later in the match, Carrillo connects with a series of kicks to Tozawa.

Tozawa briefly locks in a waist-lock on Carrillo. Carrillo hits an arm-drag on Tozawa. Carrillo superkicks Tozawa. Tozawa chops Carrillo. Carrillo chops Tozawa. Carrillo connects with a springboard elbow strike from off the second rope on Tozawa. Carrillo slams Tozawa's head off the top turnbuckle. Carrillo hits a back-breaker on Tozawa. Carrillo gets Tozawa up on his shoulders, before dropping him forward to the mat. Carrillo pins Tozawa for the three count.

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

A recap of Keith Lee defeating Dolph Ziggler on RAW is shown.

A recap of Seth Rollins defeating Dominik Mysterio on RAW is shown.

Ricochet and Mustafa Ali make their entrances.

Ricochet vs. Mustafa Ali

They lock up. Ricochet locks in a headlock before locking in a wrist-lock on Ali. Ali hits a pair of arm-drags on Ricochet. Ali eventually hits a Sit-Out Powerbomb on Ricochet. Ali pins Ricochet for a two count. Ali ascends the turnbuckles. Ali goes for a 450 Splash. Ricochet rolls out of the way as Ali rolls through. Ali runs towards Ricochet, Ricochet connects with an elbow to the face of Ali. Ali goes for a neck-breaker, Ricochet gets out of it. Ricochet hits a Reversrana on Ali. Ricochet hits his Recoil finisher on Ali. Ricochet pins Ali for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Ali raises Ricochet's hand at ringside after the match.

A recap from RAW is shown to close the show featuring Randy Orton defeating Keith Lee and Seth Rollins to earn a shot at Drew McIntyre's WWE Championship at Clash of Champions.