There was a behind-the-scenes shake-up on the WWE NXT UK brand this week.

Jim Smallman, one of the PROGRESS Wrestling co-founders, is now working as the head writer for NXT UK. Glen Joseph, former co-owner of PROGRESS Wrestling, is no longer working as a producer for the brand. These changes were reported to the roster earlier today via Zoom meeting, according to ITR Wrestling.

It was noted that Joseph has left his job as producer due to “personal reasons.” Joseph left PROGRESS this past June due to allegations made during the “#SpeakingOut” movement.

Smallman stepped away from his PROGRESS duties last December because his work with NXT UK was increasing.

Smallman will continue to report to WWE Performance Center Head Coach and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, who have been running the NXT UK TV tapings remotely from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

On a related note, the NXT UK roster was reported to the UK Performance Center in London, England today for a three-week training session, which will lead up to the next set of NXT UK TV tapings from the BT Sport studios in London.

The NXT UK roster usually spends one week training before or after TV tapings, but they are holding an extended three-week session now due to several talents showing up “rusty” for last month’s relaunch tapings, according to ITR. This led to several re-shoots for a number of the matches.

It was also said that several new talents are expected to debut with the NXT UK brand at the next set of TV tapings, both female and male competitors. These are talents that signed WWE deals for NXT UK last month.

The NXT UK roster was also recently informed of several changes that are similar to the third party platform rules that WWE officials issued here in the United States last month. It was noted that NXT UK Superstars are no longer allowed to sell their own merchandise or make money from their names through third party platforms, which were allowed before now.

Stay tuned for more from the NXT UK brand.