WWE officials are having talks about what to do when the contract expires for their residency at the Amway Center in Orlando.

It was reported today by @Wrestlevotes that a small team was put together in the last week or so to figure out if running WWE TV shows from outdoor venues would be feasible for once the ThunderDome contract expires at the Amway Center.

The idea is that both RAW and SmackDown would run from the same outdoor venue each week. Everything is still up in the air and there’s no word on what that outdoor venue might be, but they are hoping for somewhere in the Southern United States with good weather.

WWE’s contract with the Amway Center is scheduled to run through the end of October. Unless the contract is renewed, it looks like their final dates at the Amway Center will be Hell In a Cell on October 25, RAW on October 26, and SmackDown on October 30.

There’s no word on if WWE will be bringing The ThunderDome with them to the next venue, but Duncan Leslie, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Event Technical Operations, has talked about using the unique setup in the future. You can read about those comments here and here.

Stay tuned for updates.