WWE reportedly released several dozen employees on Thursday.

As we’ve noted, WWE fully parted ways with several office employees this week, most of who were furloughed back in April and had been waiting for word on when they could come back to work. PWInsider reports that one source believes there were more than 60 staffers let go on Thursday.

Most of these cuts were already furloughed or working in departments that aren’t very active due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was noted that the travel and live events departments were hit the hardest this week, which is due to the lack of work needed from those departments because of how the WWE schedule was impacted by COVID-19.

Confirmed releases as of this writing include staff writer Anthony Benigno, producer Sarah Stock, producer “IRS” Mike Rotunda, and WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco, who had worked in scouting new talent.

It’s also been reported that WWE is not releasing any wrestlers this week.

Stay tuned for more on the WWE departures.