– As noted, Broken Skull Sessions will return to the WWE Network this Sunday at 10am ET as WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin and Jerry Lawler sit down for an interview. This will be Austin’s first of two interviews for the month of September as an episode with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle will be released later this month.

Above is a bonus clip from Sunday’s interview with Lawler talking about his favorite Stone Cold moments. Austin asked about some of Lawler’s favorite moments to call, and The King said so many of Austin’s moments were among his favorites. He specifically named the bed pan attack on Vince McMahon from the October 5, 1998 RAW episode, and the beer truck attack on The Corporation from the March 22, 1999 RAW show.

“So many of your moments were my favorites to call,” Lawler responded. “I’ll never forget the bed pan. Oh my gosh, when you came in and blasted Mr. McMahon with the bed pan. And of course, he’s got nothing on… oh, that was one of my all time favorites, I loved that.

“But my main favorite with you was when you can in with the beer truck. Poor Mr. McMahon, he’s drowning. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Mr. McMahon’s drowning!’ That was the greatest of all time.”

Austin responded and thanked Lawler for helping to provide the soundtrack to his career.

“Doing it was fun but having that soundtrack for the people at home to listen to, to put along with what we were doing, it kind of raises the stakes. So, thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” Austin said.

– WWE ThunderDome registration for Friday’s SmackDown on FOX episode reached capacity within one hour this afternoon. As seen in the tweet below, WWE confirmed that ThunderDome registration for Monday’s RAW episode will open up on Saturday afternoon.