Young Bucks Turning Heel?, The Dark Order, Matt Sydal's Slip Is Explained (Being The Elite Recap)

Below are highlights from the latest Being the Elite:

* Matt Jackson asks Eddie Kingston to promo on a cookie. Getting somewhat emotional, Kingston says to the cookie that it's so tasty, but with him being in pro wrestling, he has to look better in the ring, so he can make more money, and buy more cookies. So that one cookie won't be alone. Then when the time is right, it'll just be him and that one cookie. He tells the group watching "that's it." They laugh and clap. Kingston ends up eating the cookie anyways.

* Cutler trying to get Matt and Nick to vlog, but they don't seem interested. Nick tells Cutler he's tired of doing the usual Daily's Place segment, tells Cutler just to do something. Matt isn't in quite such a bad mood, but says maybe it's time to go back to the old Young Bucks, not caring what anyone thinks, superkicking everyone, and go back to why this thing got popular in the first place. Matt and Nick says they don't even want to wrestle on Dynamite. Cutler tells them Alex Marvez wants an interview though, Nick laughs it off and says "screw that." On the show, they immediately double superkicked Marvez when he tried for the interview. AEW fined each Young Buck $5,000. Backstage, Matt and Nick find Tony Khan's office. Matt has a wad of cash, walks in (nobody is there), and throws it all over the place.

* Dance-off between Alex Reynolds / John Silver and Angelico / Jack Evans. The judges are Wardlow, Orange Cassidy, and Grayson. Wardlow picks Dark Order, but Cassidy and Grayson both pick TH2. Grayson flips off Silver and walks out. Silver and Reynolds try to get Cassidy to join the group, but he slowly slides the drink off the table.

* A few days before All Out. Omega, Matt, and Nick figuring out the layout for the Casino Battle Royale. Michael Nakazawa walks in and wonders what number he is, they laugh about it. Omega says it's a PPV, people pay for this. Nakazawa asks if he's not good enough. He wants to be the joker (last spot) of the match. The guys laugh some more. Nakazawa wants to know who the joker is for the match. Omega decided to tell him, "It's Matt Sydal. He does the shooting star press off the top. People are gonna love it!" Omega says he's going to leave an impact. Nakazawa responds he's gonna go and leave an impact of his own. Cut to Nakazawa putting baby oil all over the top turnbuckle pad. Cut to Sydal climbing to the top rope in the match and slipping off it when attempting the move. Back to the EVP room, the guys complain about the match. Omega wonders who put that together. Nick responds, "It was us." Nick says Sydal looks like Shockmaster now. Nakazawa strolls into the room and points out to what happen to Sydal and shows the empty oil bottles. The group then kicks him out of the room.

* Dark Order head into the men's room and find someone wrote "Brody Sux – Stooo" in red paint on the bathroom mirror. Lee asks to see everyone's hands. Stu Grayson has a paintbrush in his hand, Lee asks how he spells his name and says it's not him. Reynolds then shows his hands and there's red paint on his hands. Silver walks in with red paint all over him and says it was Stu. Uno jokes "What's Matt Cardona doing in here?" Lee tells Silver to put his head in the toilet, he tells Ten and Five to clean up the mirror.

* Colt Cabana (with his head still wrapped) is still needing help with fixing his face. He's told Dr. Sampson has done all he can with Colt. Cabana heads down the hallway looking for help and finds a "DR" sign. Dustin Rhodes opens the door, Colt asks him if he's a Doctor, "No! I'm Dustin Rhodes," he responds. Christopher Daniels (who calls everyone "doctor") helps Colt find another room. Colt knocks on it and Dr. Luther opens the door. He shouts "Shut up and get out of here!" Colt just walks away frustrated.

* Daniels pours himself some vodka for his latest 50+ infomercial. He finishes up with Cutler, then thanks Tipsy Page for letting them use the bar. Cutler asks Daniels if he could hold the camera while he talks with Page. Page offers up Cutler a drink, but he passes and says he doesn't drink. Page laughs and replies, "If I had your f—ing record, I would, buddy." Page asks if Cutler talks with Matt and Nick. Cutler tells him how he tried, but they didn't want to hear anything. Page accuses Cutler of not trying hard enough, having two contracts and not being able to do one thing right, only worrying about his Dungeons and Dragons game. Page asks Cutler to go back to their locker room and do the job right. Cutler says he knows Page is just trying to get him mad, so he'll calls Page a "piece of s—" so he can just drink more and not think about his real problems. Cutler says he's not giving Page that satisfaction and hopes he figures his stuff out.

* Matt Hardy walks in holding his baby, and chats with Matt and Nick. He talks about how his sons have each debuted for different companies: Impact, WWE, and now AEW. Hardy brings up the show going over one million viewers. Hardy is happy about the family environment AEW provides and is so happy with things now. He gives them a hug and heads off. Matt and Nick think Hardy is acting really "normal" now. Nick thinks Hardy is acting "too normal."

* Cutler shoves Nakazawa and tells him to tell Matt Sydal about what he did. Matt says it was scary, but these things happen in wrestling and he's willing to take the risk. Nakazawa says it's his fault and explains what he did to the turnbuckle pad. Matt says that's the meanest thing someone has said to him! Nakazawa says "run" to the camera and runs away with Sydal chasing him.

* Matt is wearing his women's Cracker Barrel shirt again. Cutler wants to talk with Matt and Nick, but Matt doesn't want to hear it. Cutler says it's not about Page, it's about him. He mentions how he and Peter Avalon's blow off match is on this week's Dark. Cutler wonders if the brothers can help him. He asks if they could be ringside or in the crowd for the match, they say they had planned to be in the crowd already. They ask if that was it, Cutler seems like he wants to say more, but doesn't.

* Megabyte Ronnie walks with some cakes in hand to deliver to Cutler. Brandon says he needs to call a friend (Hangman Page) to see what he wants done with them. Ronnie checks out the cakes and decides to eat a big chunk of them while Cutler's back is turned. The cakes were meant for Nick and Matt. Ronnie keeps hammering the cakes as Cutler talks away (the footage is even sped up with how long it takes). Cutler finally turns around and Ronnie says "I couldn't help myself."