Welcome in to our live coverage section of this week’s AEW Dark. There are eleven matches on the card that promise to deliver excellent action. Coverage will being right here at 7pm EST, so feel free to get the discussion started ahead of time and of course throughout the show. Check out tonight’s card below.

Ricky Starks, Excalibur and Taz are on the call tonight. The action is set to get under way right now!

Kenzie Paige vs. Brandi Rhodes

The ladies tie it up to start the match off. Brandi backs Paige into the corner and Paige slaps her in the face. Hip toss by Brandi, followed by an arm drag. Paige gets back to her feet and gets sent to the corner. Brandi rolls her forward and follows it up with a kick to the face. Paige recovers with a shot to the knee and slams Brandi’s face to the mat before mounting her and laying in repeated heavy right hands.

Paige backs Brandi to the corner and hits a solid back elbow. Snap mare on Brandi out of the corner. Brandi gets back to her feet and hits the ropes – regains control with a pair of lariats. Bulldog by Brandi – cover and a near fall. Paige tries to fight back but gets hit with a Stunner and a Shot Of Brandi for the finish.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes

After the match, Anna Jay charges the ring and takes out Brandi. Red Velvet comes to save Brandi and clears Anna Jay out of the ring.

Jurassic Express vs. Ray Rosas & Eric Watts

Match #2 is set to kick off with Jungle Boy and Ray Rosas as the legal men. Rosas with a sweep to the leg. Jungle Boy hits the ropes and a shoulder tackle. Hits the ropes again and sinks in a deep arm drag. Luchasaurus gets the tag and levels Rosas with a strong chop. Rosas gets tossed back into the Jurassic Express corner. Scoop slam by Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy tags in and hits the assisted senton off the shoulders of the big man. Cover and a two count.

Rosas back to his feet and hits a back breaker on Jungle Boy. Watts gets the tag and lifts Jungle Boy off the mat by his throat and throws him into the corner before hitting a big slam. Watts with hard stomps and another overhead slam and toss. Rosas back in and continues working on Jungle Boy – tries the fall-away slam, but Jungle Boy rolls him up for a pin attempt. No good on the count, but Luchasaurus gets tagged in and clears house. Standing moonsault press – cover and a near fall.

Watts and Luchasaurus standing toe-to-toe now. Hard slap by Watts and Luchasaurus counters with massive kicks. Big men exchange headbutts. Jungle Boy takes Watts over the top rope with a hurricanrana and leave the legal Rosas and Luchasaurus to resume the action. Jungle Boy gets the tag and goes for a suicide dive, but gets tripped up. Roll up attempt by Rosas is no good. Watts back in and hits a choke slam/powerbomb combo – cover and a near fall. Rosas back in as the legal man. Luchasaurus with the blind tag. Hoof kick and tail whip by the big man and Jurassic Express hit their cutter combo for the win.

Winners: Jurassic Express

Video package of Jericho speaking about Luther – says that he’s known him for 30 years and was jealous that he was bigger than he was in Japan during the early years. Says they went their separate ways after years of knowing each other and Luther was never able to obtain national stardom in the U.S. – Jericho/Hager will face Chaos Project on Dynamite tomorrow night as part of the 30 year celebration of Jericho’s career.

Anthony Bowens & Lee Johnson vs. Chaos Project

Johnson and Serpentico will start the match. Johnson with a tight side headlock and sent to the ropes – shoulder tackle by Johnson. Luther sneaks in for the double team. Bowens tossed to the outside. Johnson with a big dropkick on Serpentico and tags in Bowens. Dropkick by Bowens – pin attempt is only good for a one count. Double suplex on Serpentico by Bowens and Johnson. Johnson with the legal tag. Serpentico with a superkick on Johnson and tags in Luther.

Hard rights level Johnson. Body slam by Luther and he quickly tags Serpentico back in. Quick shots on Johnson and Luther receives the quick tag back in – great teamwork by Chaos Project. Johnson kept away from his corner for a long time, but finally gets over for the hot tag. Bowens in and clears house. Bowens with a modified Torture Rack slam – cover is only good for two. Johnson in to help out as Bowens gets cornered, but eats a Sliced Bread from Serpentico. Chaos Project with their finisher for the win and extend their record to 4-0.

Winners: Chaos Project

Will Hobbs vs. Ryzin

Ryzin and Hobbs standing face to face and Ryzin pushes Hobbs. Hobbs takes offense and levels him with a lariat before slamming him face first into the top turnbuckle. Delayed vertical suplex by Hobbs. Another, but drops him face first this time. Shoulder tackle by Hobbs and follows it up with a splash in the corner. Huge power slam from Hobbs. Ryzin hits the ropes, but runs straight into a massive Spine Buster for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Will Hobbs

Eddie Kingston cuts a promo on Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela saying the reason they aren’t ever in the title picture is because they act like clowns and warns them about sleeping on The Lucha Bros.

John Silver vs. QT Marshall

Marshall with a waist lock slam, but Silver is able to reverse into a hammer lock. Marshall manages to counter into a head scissors and transitions into a side headlock. Back to their feet and Marshall is sent to the corner. Silver hit a series of punches and chops before Marshall returns the favor. Silver sent to the corner and hits a back elbow on a charging Marshall. Cross body off the middle rope by Silver, but he gets caught and slammed to the canvas.

Uno grabs the boot of Marshall and holds him long enough for Silver to capitalize and the action spills to the outside. Marshall is sent into the barricades before being rolled back into the ring. Silver with a hard forearm shot, but Marshall gets back to his feet. Marshall sent to the corner and Silver connects on a running lariat. Marshall is down on his knees in the middle of the ring and Silver lays in a round kick to the chest. Goes for another, but it gets caught. Marshall ends up trapped in a cross-face submission, but Marshall is able to reach the ropes.

Right hands exchanged by both men and they go up top. Marshall looking for the superplex and connects. Marshall follows up with right hands and Silver returns some of his own and hits a pump kick. Marshall gets rocked but hits a lariat and a Manhattan drop. Back elbow off the top rope from QT Marshall – calling for the Diamond Cutter, but gets distracted by Uno. Spinning slam by Marshall – cover is good for two. Thrust kick by Silver, followed by a modified back breaker. Cover and a near fall.

Marshall with a back breaker, face plant combo. Uno tries to interfere and Dustin takes care of him. Dark Order’s 5 and 10 come in but get hit with Diamond Cutters. Silver capitalizes and hits his spinning sit-down slam for the win.

Winner: John Silver

Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Cezar Bononi & David Ali

Pillman and Ali will get the action going with a tie up. Ali sent to the ropes, Pillman leap frogs and connects on a dropkick. Garrison tagged in and comes off the ropes with a double axe handle. Pillman tagged right back in. Clothesline in the corner on Ali. Pillman tags Garrison in and hits a senton over the rope on Ali and pulls Garrison in for the leg drop. Bononi gets the tag and drops Garrison with the shoulder tackle.

Pillman gets the tag and avoids the tie up with Bononi and hits a couple of quick kicks to the legs of the big man. Pillman with the sunset flip attempt, but Bononi pulls him back up. Kicks to the chest of Bononi by Pillman. Pillman hits the ropes and runs straight into a spine buster. Ali tagged in and connects with a snap mare and kicks to the back. Pillman counters with a roll up attempt, but only good for one. Pillman laid over the middle rope and Bononi strangles him before getting the legal tag.

Big slam by Bononi. Cover and a near fall. Pillman makes the tag and levels Ali with a lariat. Rolling elbow to Bononi. Scoops up Ali and tosses him into Bononi for a spear. Garrison plants Ali and tags in Pillman. Spring board lariat off the top rope for the win.

Winners: Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison

Skyler Moore vs. Big Swole

A collar/elbow tie up gets the action under way. Moore slaps Swole in the back of the head and backs her up into the corner. Swole pushes Moore and connects with rapid fire shots. Elbow strike by Moore and whiplashes Swole to the mat. Moore standing on the back of Swole and stomps her head into the canvas. Moore with a drop slam and goes for the suplex, but Swole reverses with the snap suplex of her own. Hard forearm shots by Swole and follows it with a head butt. Running uppercut by Swole and a roundhouse kick. Springboard cutter and Dirty Dancing for the finish.

Winner: Big Swole

Matt Sydal video package plays where he calls out Nakazawa for putting baby oil on the turnbuckle that caused him to slip on the shooting star press during his debut.

Matt Sydal vs. Michael Nakazawa

During his entrance, Nakazawa puts more baby oil on the top turnbuckle. Aubrey Edwards takes it from him afterwards. The bell rings and Sydal sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Nakazawa is laid out and Sydal wants to go up top but sees the baby oil. Nakazawa gets up and levels Sydal. Nakazawa removes his thong underwear and the two roll around for a minute before Sydal makes him tap with a modified cobra clutch submission.

Winner: Matt Sydal

M’Badu vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston starts the match with a kick to the midsection and repeated chops. Running boot into the corner by Kingston. M’Badu sends Kingston into the corner and hits a big splash. Kingston with an eye poke and hits the ropes, but M’Badu connects with the slam. Spinning back fist by Kingston and an arm bar forces M’Badu to tap out.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

After the match, Kingston takes the mic and says he’s going to mess Moxley up. Says Mox has probably tapped out to the same move he just made M’Badu tap with and says he will make Moxley scream, “I quit”. Says Moxley left him behind after promising to take him to the promised land and he will have to pay for that. Kingston says he never quit and never tapped out and all he ever wanted to be was the World Champion.

Kiss and Janela are shown backstage saying they have zero fear and need the win to bounce back and get back into the rankings.

Shawn Dean vs. Angelico w/ Jack Evans

Angelico takes advantage early with a wrist lock. Dean reverses into one of his own. Angelico reverses again before hitting a deep arm drag. Dean charges but gets kicked in the quad. Dean answers back with a dropkick. Dean with a go-behind waist lock before Angelico transitions into one of his own. Angelico now with his unique Mexican-style submission maneuver, but Dean gets to the ropes.

Snap mare and round kick to the back of the head of Dean. Angelico with another unorthodox submission where he traps the arm and lays in a choke. Dean again gets the ropes and gets to his feet and connects on a big forearm. Pair of clotheslines and a waist lock German suplex by Dean, followed by a running dropkick in the corner. Double underhook attempt, but Angelico counters with a front round kick and sinks in a nasty leg submission for the win.

Winner: Angelico

Lucha Bros vs. Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela

Main event time! Sonny and Joey with a pair of suicide dives to start the match. Fenix in the ring takes flight and hits a flip over the top. Penta and Janela will officially start the match. Pentagon levels him, tags Fenix and hits the double stomps to the backside. Janela tags Kiss, who comes off the ropes with a dropkick on Fenix. Double hip toss secures the momentum for Kiss and Janela.

Janela back in, but Fenix hits him with a dropkick to the face. Penta back in with a cross-body. Cover and a near fall. Janela sent to the ropes and is leveled with a lariat and massive kick to the back. Penta looking for the package driver but gets rolled up in an inside cradle. Penta kicks out and kicks Janela in the thigh. Janela is backed up into the ropes and Penta connects with a brutal chop.

Penta looking for the package driver again, but Janela escapes and tags in Kiss. Kiss with a spinning back elbow and drop-sault. Suplex from Kiss and a running dropkick in the corner. Kiss goes up top and hits the 450-splash. Cover and Fenix breaks it up. Hoof kick by Kiss levels both Lucha Bros. Janela tagged back in. Kiss gets hit with a rolling cutter. Janela eats the assisted package driver for the finish.

Winners: Lucha Bros.

Make sure to check out AEW Dynamite tomorrow night at 8pm EST on TNT! We’ll see you back here next Tuesday for another edition of AEW DARK.