Welcome back for another episode of AEW Dark. There are 14 matches on the card tonight – you can see the lineup below. Coverage will begin right here at 7pm EST, but go ahead and get the conversation started in the comment section!

Evil Uno vs. The Blade vs. Frankie Kazarian vs. Jungle Boy

Blade shoves Kaz and Kaz fires back while Jungle Boy and Uno go at it. Jungle Boy sends Uno to the outside with a head scissors and Kaz sends Blade out with a lariat over the top rope. Jungle Boy and Kaz showing their technical skills. Schoolboy attempt by Jungle Boy, but it’s no good. Uno back in and hits an inside cradle on Kaz for the two count. Kaz with a roll up of his own on Uno, but no good. Kaz with a big clothesline on Uno before Blade takes out Kaz.

Jungle Boy walks the ropes, hops over Uno and kicks him in the face before taking down Blade with an arm drag off the top rope. Kaz with a pinning suplex but Uno breaks it up. Strong chops by Uno on Jungle Boy. Suplex by Uno and covers Jungle Boy – two count. Uno with a neck breaker on Jungle Boy. Another pin and the attempt is broken up by Blade. Uno hits the ropes – Blade leap frogs and hits a cross body. Chops and forearms are exchanged.

Blade and Uno work together – sends Jungle Boy into the opposite corner into Kaz and he catapults Kaz into Uno and Blade and Kaz connects with a double lariat. Kaz with a fisherman suplex – pin is good for a two count. Jungle Boy with a sunset flip on Uno and a near fall. Neck breaker by Uno on Jungle Boy – cover and a near fall. Blade powerbombs Uno out of the corner. Kaz comes over the top rope and hits a DDT on Blade. Jungle Boy and Kaz take each other out with a double move.

Blade goes for a superplex on Jungle Boy and Kaz joins him. Uno breaks it up and takes out all three opponents. Jungle Boy with a jackknife pin attempt on Uno for the win.

Winner: Jungle Boy

After the match Uno calls out Grayson to beat down Jungle Boy and all the men’s tag team partners come out for the save. Luchasaurus clears the ring with kicks.

Lee Johnson & Cezar Bononi vs. Lucha Bros.

Pentagon and Bononi start the match as the legal men. Pentagon dodges the charge by Bononi and connects on a round kick to the thigh. Pentagon hits the ropes and is taken down with a big shoulder tackle. Fenix gets the tag – as does Johnson. Fenix works on Johnson and we see a couple of quick tags from the Lucha Bros. Bononi gets tagged back in and catches Pentagon’s cross body attempt. Fenix hops up with a take down attempt, but Bononi catches him and slams them both to the canvas.

Lucha Bros. finally regain some momentum and hit Bononi with a pair of superkicks. Calling for the package piledriver, but Fenix gets knocked off the ropes by Johnson and Bononi slams Pentagon into the corner. Johnson in as the legal man but Pentagon hits a slingblade on him before tagging in Fenix. Spiked package piledriver on Johnson for the finish.

Winners: Lucha Bros.

Brandon Cutler vs. Peter Avalon

Cutler comes out first and checks to see if The Young Bucks are present at ringside, but they are not. He looks disappointed and gets attacked from behind by Avalon. Avalon connects with a powerbomb on the ramp and hits a double knee strike. Avalon takes the mic and demands to be named the winner, but the ref says it doesn’t work like that. Cutler finally makes his way into the ring and Avalon continues the assault.

Martinis off the top onto the back of Cutler’s head and then dropkicks him out of the ring. The ref starts the count, but Cutler makes it back into the ring. Repeated slams by Avalon. Single-leg Boston crab attempt but Cutler makes it to the ropes. Avalon charges into the corner and eats a boot from Cutler. Left roundhouse by Cutler has Avalon see-sawing on the middle rope. Cutler comes over the top with a leg drop on the edge of the ring.

Cheap shot by Avalon to regain control, but Cutler answers with a suicide dive as Avalon is talking to Leva Bates. Cutler with a springboard elbow drop in the middle of the ring. Cover and a near fall. Cutler goes for the torture rack, but Avalon counters and hits a Rock Bottom. Cover and another near fall. Avalon goes for the split-legged moonsault but Cutler catches him and hits a reverse DDT. Cover and yet another near fall.

Cutler goes to the outside and gets the die, but Bates talks him out of using it and Avalon regains control with an eye gauge and a modified One Winged Angel maneuver. Cover and Cutler kicks out at the last split second. Cutler hits the TPK but knocks the ref down in the process. Cover, but no counting. Cutler grabs the book from Leva Bates and Avalon grabs the die. Both hit each other and get disqualified.

Winner: N/A

Matt Sydal vs. Sonny Kiss

A lockup gets this interesting matchup started. Sydal with the front chancery, but Kiss manages to escape and take down Sydal. Kiss gets hit with the tiaras from Sydal. Kiss hits the ropes and kicks the waiting Sydal, but Sydal flattens Kiss. Sydal with a chop and sends Kiss to the ropes. Hip toss gets reversed and Sydal has Kiss stretched out in the middle of the ring.

Kiss manages to transition into a pin, but Sydal immediately kicks out. Sydal with an inverted fisherman suplex. Cover and a two count. Kiss back to his feet and takes down Sydal with a discus lariat. Flatliner on Sydal and Kiss hits the splitting leg drop for the pin attempt, but only gets the two count. Sydal hung up in the corner and Kiss hits the Axes And O’s. Pin and a near fall. Kiss misses the diving leg drop, but Sydal avoids it and sinks in a modified cobra clutch for the submission.

Winner: Matt Sydal

Aaron Solow, Angel Fashion and M’Badu vs. Dark Order’s 3, 4 and 10

Solow and Silver start the match off. Silver takes him down and works the arm of Solow. Solow breaks the hold but eats a chop. Silver hits the ropes and gets hit with a textbook dropkick by Solow. M’Badu gets the tag and levels Silver with a running tackle. Silver tags in Reynolds, who gets a back body drop from M’Badu. M’Badu tags out and we get our first look at Angel Fashion.

Running knee by Fashion. Cover and a one count. 10 with the blind tag and comes in with big boot on Fashion. Fashion with the back elbow, but 10 hits a cutter. Cover and a near fall. Reynolds back in and he goes to work kicking away at Fashion. Fashion gets pinned again, but kicks out. Silver tags back in and connects with round kicks to the chest of Fashion. M’Badu tags in and levels all three Dark Order members. Big splash on Reynolds and M’Badu tags in Solow.

Solow showing some intensity but Silver stops the momentum with a spear. Triple team maneuver by Dark Order will finish the match.

Winners: Dark Order

Elayna Black vs. Red Velvet

A couple exchanges early on before Velvet gets the upper hand. Velvet with the slam out of the corner. Black back up and eating body shots from Red Velvet. Black answers back with a kick to the knee of Velvet. Black sends Velvet into the corner and follows her in with a running knee strike. Cover and a near fall. Velvet back to her feet and exchanges blows. Velvet with a pair of clotheslines and a bulldog.

Velvet hits the ropes and hits a double knee strike to the back of Black. Just Desserts (running knee) for the win.

Winner: Red Velvet

Fuego Del Sol vs. Ricky Starks

Starks with the control right out of the gate. Starks with the hammer throw across the ring and kicks Del Sol. Del Sol hits the ropes and eats a back elbow from Starks. Del Sol tries to fight back and hits a dropkick. Stark quickly shuts him down with a back drop over the top rope and onto the ramp. Starks drags Del Sol up and plants him face first on the ramp. Starks takes the headset and announces this is AEW Starks.

Back in the ring, Starks with a huge spear and follows it up with the Roshambo for the win!

Winner: Ricky Starks

Backstage we see Christopher Daniels and Scorpio Sky. Sky is asked if Shawn Spears has gotten in his head and Spears interrupts. A match is set for next week.

Ryzin & Maxx Stardom vs. Gunn Club

Ryzin and Austin start the match off and Ryzin levels him with a big right hand. Austin sent into the opposing corner and beaten down. Ryzin tags in Stardom. Stardom with an elbow drop. Stardom charges Austin in the corner, but Austin goes up and over. Billy gets the tag and hits a big boot on Stardom. Stardom rolls to the outside and Billy chases. Ryzin tries the sneak attack, but Billy sniffs it out.

Back in the ring, Stardom hits an axe kick to the top of Billy’s head, but Billy recovers quickly and slams him to the mat. Austin back in as the legal man for Gunn Club. Ryzin back in as well and levels Austin with a lariat. Austin receives a back breaker by Ryzin and gets a neck breaker from Stardom, who is back in as the legal man. Austin is trying to get to Billy, but is cut off. Double clothesline takes out Austin and Stardom. Billy finally gets the tag – as does Ryzin.

Billy levels both men and goes for the Fame-Asser, but Ryzin avoids it and hits a superkick. Austin back in and hits the Quick Draw for the win.

Winners: Gunn Club

Darby Allin vs. Nick Comoroto

A lockup gets the action going and Comoroto throws Allin across the ring. Allin shoves Comoroto and Comoroto answers back and shoves Allin back into the corner. Allin hits the ropes and eats a big elbow from Comoroto. Allin in trouble in the corner and is hit with repeated clubbing blows from the big man. Allin sent hard into the corner and drops to the mat. Comoroto pulls Allin up and hits the knee to the gut before dropping Allin with a scoop slam. Cover, but Allin immediately kicks out.

Comoroto again with the hammer throw into the corner. Allin hits the ropes and tries the Coffin Drop off the ropes but gets caught and hit with a back breaker from Comoroto. Allin fights to his feet and hits an arm breaker and a dropkick to the knee. Comoroto in trouble now and trapped in an arm bar over the ropes. Allin forced to break the hold and chops the big man down with a shot to the back of the knee. Allin takes down Comoroto and has the arm bar sunk in, but the big man is under the ropes.

Allin with a bulldog off the rope and follows it with a Coffin Drop for the win.

Winner: Darby Allin

After the match, Darby attacks Ricky Starks who is at the broadcast table before they get separated.

Video promo plays of Kilynn King and she says she will not be thrown around like Nyla’s past opponents and calls her a Native b—h.

Colt Cabana vs. Griff Garrison

Colt takes control early on with a hammer lock. Garrison is able to reverse momentarily and hits a big kick. Garrison goes for the splash but misses and eats repeated kicks to the midsection. Hard right forearm by Cabana. Garrison answers with one of his own. Cabana looking for the Billy Goat’s Curse, but Garrison avoids it. Garrison hits the ropes but gets hit with an elbow strike. Garrison hits a rolling elbow strike to take down Cabana.

Both men back to their feet and exchanging shots. Big splash in the corner by Garrison. He goes up top and dives into the boots of Cabana. Diving splash from Cabana – cover and a near fall. Billy Goat’s Curse is locked in and Garrison taps.

Winner: Colt Cabana

Nyla Rose vs. Kilynn King

Tie up and Rose throws King off. Hard forearm shots from King and she connects with pump kick to the side of Rose’s head. King then gets caught on the cross body and tossed across the ring. Hard body shots from Rose. King reverses with some of her own. Headbutt by King. Enziguri misses and Rose connects on the release German suplex. Beast bomb by Rose for the finish.

Winner: Nyla Rose

Vickie takes the mic after the match and says she plans and strategizes how to attain championships for Rose and is tired of all these cheap opponents that management is feeding her. She says she is making an executive decision to not step in the ring again until Shida accepts the challenge to put up the AEW Women’s title against Nyla Rose.

Joey Janela vs. D3

Tie up gets this one under way. D3 gets the better of it initially before Janela counters. Drop toe hold by D3. Side headlock by Janela – he’s sent to the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. Head scissors by D3 takes down Janela. Janela with a takedown of his own. D3 with a hanging neck breaker and hits a modified elbow drop out of the corner. Janela recovers and drops D3 with a Death Valley Driver on the outside floor.

Back in the ring Janela hits the ropes and a big clothesline. Brain buster from Janela. Second brain buster. And another one. Cover and the win.

Winner: Joey Janela

Elijah Dean vs. Wardlow

Wardlow shows his power advantage early on. Dean with a drop step go-behind. Trying to chop down the big man, but Wardlow plants him with a massive spine buster. Dean slaps Wardlow in the face and Wardlow answers by turning him inside out with a clothesline. Wardlow drives Dean back into the corner and knocks him out with a rising knee. The ref stops the match.

Winner: Wardlow

Eddie Kingston vs. Baron Black

Kingston with a waist lock takedown. Black reverses into a hammer lock and transitions into a head scissors. Kingston gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Kingston resets and takes control of Black with a wrist lock. Hard chops by Kingston drop Black. Black answers back with a couple of chops, but Kingston with the old school eye poke is good enough to regain the control. Discus clothesline by Black and overhead suplex. Kitchen sink by Kingston and follows it with the spinning back fist. Front chancery gets the submission for the in.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

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