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Wardlow vs. Jungle Boy (AEW Tournament Match)

Warlow showing off his power as we get things started, JB slaps him in the face, throws some bunches, and lands a dropkick to the back. JB tries to chop Wardlow down, gets him out to the floor, tries for a diving crossbody, gets caught in midair but fights his way back to the apron. JB with a kick to the face, tries for a hurricanrana, nope, gets sent spine-first into the ring post.

Back in the ring, two release suplexes by Wardlow. JB tries to fight back, eats a gutchwrench powerbomb, cover, two. Couple counters lead into a big lariat on JB, pin, two-count. Wardlow is a bit surprised he hasn’t won this yet. JB up on the second rope, knee strike to the jaw, back elbow, rolling forearm, kick to the face, dropkick to the back off the top rope! Wardlow heads out to the floor, JB with another dropkick, then hits a suicide dive to the back. They move to the ring, JB with a slingshot twisting DDT, cover, one!

JB up to the top, Wardlow kip-up, stops him, follows up, but JB counters into a second rope hurricanrana, backstabber, double knees off the top rope, cover, two. Wardlow to the ramp, JB tries for another slingshot DDT, but Wardlow counters with an F-10 into the ring. Wardlow then hits another one, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Wardlow via pinfall to advance to the next round and face either Colt Cabana or Hangman Page

– Last week, we see footage of Eddie Kingston continue to cut his promo against AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. Kingston talks about Moxley going to the “land of the sports entertainment.” Kingston said Moxley left him behind, and went off to make millions for an entertainer. Kingston told Moxley to enjoy his title because he’s going to

– At Full Gear, AEW World Champion vs. Eddie Kingston in an “I Quit” Match that Moxley demanded. Moxley later cut a promo and saying he’s going to give Kingston another shot, and this time he’ll have to verbally say he quits, and he won’t have anyone else to blame but himself.

Kenny Omega vs. Sonny Kiss (AEW Tournament Match)

The original match was set to feature Joe Janela, but he was pulled after wrestling someone who tested positive for COVID-19, commentary notes this on air. Omega gets a new entrance with Justin Roberts listing off a whole bunch of life achievements. Omega also has two women dancing on the stage with brooms. Omega with a big v-trigger, one winged angel, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Kenny Omega via pinfall to advance to the next round against either Penta El Zero M or Rey Fenix

– Earlier today, Tony Schiavone spoke with Orange Cassidy about his 20-minute time limit draw against AEW TNT Champion Cody. Cassidy says sometimes calls go your way, sometimes they don’t. The two will meet against next week for the title.

– Earlier today, Cody arrives in a limo with Arn Anderson. Dash talks with Cody about his rematch against Cassidy. Cody isn’t surprised AEW wants a rematch, but was surprised how quick it’s happening. Cody says he wouldn’t be surprised if a stipulation is added. He doesn’t see Cassidy getting it done though. Dasha brings up Cody putting on 14 pounds during his time away. Cody says he’s looking to keep himself in heavyweight shape, says he’s a giant killer as he’s taken on guys like Brodie Lee and Lance Archer.

– Backstage, Eddie Kingston laughs about Moxley’s previous comments. He hypes up Penta vs. Fenix, says they are the best to come out of Mexico. Says Butcher and Blade are winning tonight, then taking the titles from FTR. Kingston jokes FTR might have to call back the boss of their old company and ask if they can come back. Kingston gets back to Moxley, Kingston says he hates who he is, he has to be a liar, he has to get under Moxley’s skin. Kingston says when he wasn’t a snake before, and he never got anything in wrestling. Now, he’s got a title match, and he’s never quit at anything in his life. Kingston says Moxley is going to have to go to a very dark place ? someplace he already live.

Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Zero M (AEW Tournament Match)

Eddie Kingston heads to commentary to watch his guys face each other. Back and forth counters as we get things started. Penta tries for the package piledriver, nope, more reversals. Back and forth chops in the middle of the ring. They work their way to the apron, more counters, Penta gets shoved to the floor. Fenix with a huge twisting splash down on his opponents. Penta in the ring, Fenix looks to run the rope for the big kick, but Penta pulls the ropes and Fenix crashes to the mat.

Penta with a big pump kick, slingblade off the second rope, cover, two. Fenix takes a rough landing after a head scissors. Penta with a weak looking DDT, cover, Fenix kicks out. Referee checking on Fenix, but he seems to be okay. Penta looks for a powerbomb, Fenix counters with a big superkick, cover, two-count.

Fenix dances on the ropes, goes to the top, Penta kicks out his legs. Penta heads to the top rope, spanish fly by Fenix off the top, pin, two-count. Penta tells Fenix to hit him, instead hits a huge pop-up powerbomb, cover, two. Penta then snaps Fenix’s arm. Penta goes for a move, but takes a canadian destroyer, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Rey Fenix via pinfall to advance to the next round against Kenny Omega

– Recap of Best Friends accidentally breaking Kip Sabian and Miro’s arcade game on last week’s show. Sabian says the arcade machine was one of a kind! Miro says he tried to be friends with everyone when he came here, but Best Friends broke that.

– Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Colt Cabana. All three have some big opportunities tonight. Reynolds says Brodie Lee taught them they need to seize the opportunities when they come along. Cabana says he’s on a mission to win the AEW World Championship, but he doesn’t feel any pressure. Silver says by the end of it all, Dark Order is going to have all the gold. Silver says no matter who wins the AEW TNT Championship next week, he and Brodie Lee will be there to beat up the champion.

Hangman Page vs. Colt Cabana with Evil Uno (AEW Tournament Match)

Crowd with a “Cowboy Stuff!” chant as the match gets going. Page runs the ropes, Cabana yells for him to stop and flips him over. Page back up and instantly drops Cabana. Page lands a big boot, running shooting star press, cover, two. Cabana out to the floor, Page with a big splash down on his opponent. He sends Colt back in, quick pin, two-count.

Both wrestler taking shots at each other. Page lands a fallaway slam, kip-up, but runs right into a big elbow. Cabana then hits a hurricanrana on Page, then a bunch more elbows, gets a tricky pin for two. Cabana tries for a splash in the corner, caught in midair, german suplex with the bridge for a two-count. Page climbs up to the top rope, Cabana shoves him off and lands on his back, bouncing off the apron to the floor! Cabana then hits a big splash off the apron to the floor.

Cabana tries for another splash, nobody home, Page with a powerbomb, cover, two. Cabana looks for chicago skyline, Page counters, looks for the buckshot lariat, nope. Cabana with the superman pin for two. Page sent to the apron, he fakes the buckshot, Cabana turns away, Page then goes for it, nails Cabana and gets the win.

Winner: Hangman Page via pinfall to advance to the next round against Wardlow.

– Post-match, Dark Order all come out and pick up Cabana. Page watches them, but the group just brings Colt to the back.

– Recap of the rivalry between Sammy Guevara and Matt Hardy. We see tons of photos of Matt Hardy with blood all over them as Sammy says it’s not over until he sends Matt home for good.

– Taz, Brian Cage, and Ricky Starks on the stage. Taz says he made an offer to Will Hobbs to join the group, but has yet to hear back. He better think quick, or things won’t end well for him. Taz moves to Tony Khan asking him into his office. He tells Taz if Starks beat Allin, he would have had the TNT Title opportunity at Full Gear. Taz says Starks has won 9 out of 10 matches and lost to some lame finish. Taz asks what do these guys get? Starks feels like he’s proven his worth, but keeps getting the rug pulled out from under him. Starks someone is going to pay for what happened, and it’s going to be Darby. Stark says next time they cross paths, he’s putting Allin in the grave.

– MJF and Chris Jericho meet up for a steak dinner, MJF orders his steak well done, Jericho orders the same, but wants it done medium-well. MJF switches it up to medium. Jericho goes medium-rare. MJF wants it rare! Jericho says cook it blue (extra bloody, rare). Jericho then asks MJF what they’re doing here, MJF has just been rude to everyone tonight. Jericho says there’s a town hall meeting next week with the Inner Circle to see what people think about MJF joining the group. Jericho doesn’t like MJF’s “Ratings Ruler” nickname, it’ll get over about as much as (and at the same time, they say) “Orange Cassidy.” They both laugh, then say they are already getting over their differences. The two suddenly break out into a Rat Pack song (“My Shadow and Me” by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.) and dance a bit with some woman, then drop both of them at the same time. They continue to sing on, before finally making their way back to their table as their steaks arrive, both are incredibly rare. Neither are thrilled with their meals and decide to send them back, calling for the server at the same time.

Britt Baker with Reba vs. KiLynn King

Baker works her opponent to the ground, for a quick one-count. King able to counter and get wrist control on Baker. Baker flips King down, counter, two. Baker tries for a thrust kick, no, but Baker then hits a big curb stomp. King is back up, throws some forearm, but gets ripped down to the mat, cover, two. Baker throws some elbows. King sent to the floor, Baker looks for a boot from the apron. Ref is distracted, Reba tosses King back into the ring.

Back in the ring, King with a kick, Baker hits a slingblade, DDT, spinning fisherman’s neckbreaker, stomp, asks Reba for the glove and applies lockjaw for the submission victory.

Winner: Britt Baker via Submission

– Next week’s show:

* Cody (c) vs. Orange Cassidy (Lumberjack Match for the AEW TNT Championship)
* Wardlow vs. Hangman Page (AEW Tournament Match)
* Kenny Omega vs. Rey Fenix (AEW Tournament Match)
* Inner Circle Town Hall Meeting to decide if MJF will join
* Tay Conti vs. Abadon

– Jackass’ Steve-O introduces Darby Allin for his latest stunt. Allin does the body bag roll in from a tall half pipe. He then rolls off and falls hard down the ramp. Steve-O asks him if he’s good, Allin says he’s winning that TNT Title.

The Young Bucks vs. Alex Reynolds & John Silver vs. Private Party vs. The Butcher and The Blade (Winners face AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR at Full Gear)

The Bunny has rejoined The Butcher and The Blade. FTR joins commentary to watch the match. FTR talk some trash about Matt and Nick as they go to work in the match, taking out Blade and Butcher. Kassidy in there with some offense on Nick. Matt tags in, they try double superkicks on Private Party, blocked, and they put their feet down. Private Party then land superkicks of their own. Everyone gets in the ring and brawl breaks out.

Quen beating up Blade, shoves him into Butcher, knocking him to the floor. Quen with a shooting star press on Blade, cover, Butcher breaks it up. Dark Order and Private Party in the ring now, silly string hits on Reynolds, then both hit top rope moves on Reynolds, cover, but it gets broken up. Hardy on the outside watching the match, gets attacked by Sammy Guevara and they brawl at ringside.

Nick and Matt go to work on multiple opponents, Multiple kicks by Nick on Dark Order. Nick flips off the top rope to the floor on a bunch of guys. Young Bucks with a piledriver / senton combination, cover, but it gets broken up. Matt working on Kassidy, couple guys taken off the apron. Nick yanks Silver off the apron. Young Bucks look for meltzer driver, Quen stops that. Kassidy rolls up Matt for two, Matt reverses for a three count.

Winners: The Young Bucks via pinfall and now face AEW World Tag Team Champions FTR at Full Gear

– Post-match, FTR moves from commentary to the ring. The duo has their titles and beers in hand. The two teams jaw a bit, FTR offer the beers and they get smacked away. This masked timekeeper comes in and cracks the brothers from behind with a chair. Spike piledriver on Nick. FTR beats up Matt some more, they put a chair around his ankle. Wheeler off the second rope and stomps down on the chair. The masked man is Tully Blanchard. The champions stand tall as referees keep the two teams separated.

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