Arn Anderson recently participated in an “Ask Arn Anything” session on The Arn Show and recalled teaming with Chris Benoit to take on Kevin Sullivan and The Giant while in WCW. Sullivan and Benoit would eventually spill their real-life turmoil into the backstage area and break out into a fight. Arn said he wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t, but one of the unwritten rules was simply not to get involved in a guy’s personal life.

“That’s another one of those deals where it’s kind of like a Brian Pillman and Sullivan thing,” Arn said. “You never knew what was what! Part of it was a shoot, part of it was a work. All of it was a shoot or all of it was a work, and I never knew which. I didn’t. Pillman, I know was nuts, but to the degree that he brought it to — with him, I could never figure it out. Even more so when I found out that the thing with Nancy and Benoit was legit, it complicated it even more for me.

“It was like I was caught in the middle of something that I should have known everything about, but I was kept in the dark on about 50% of it. And I didn’t want to push it because I knew that this thing was legitimate, and then now you’re talking about getting involved in a guy’s personal business, which I’ve never done.

“Families are exempt,” Arn continued. “They’re out of the discussion where the business is concerned — they’re innocent, they’re civilians. You don’t get involved in a guy’s personal life. So, it was just one of those things that I didn’t know how much these guys are knocking. I know this: up close, they’re not going to piss at each other. That I know and I can attest to, and just as the fallout, if you try to get in there, they’d knock the piss out of you, too. I learned that pretty quickly — to keep my head low on that stuff, but that whole period was a jumbled up mess and it had everybody confused.”

Arn would obviously later go on to join WWE and spend many years in a backstage role with the company. He took the time to give his thoughts on Triple H as an executive producer, and he revealed that the two of them think a lot alike. He even called Triple H a “throwback” to ’80s style professional wrestling while saying he has a good grasp on the business.

“He’s following the lead of his father in law,” Arn said. “He is putting forward the policies that Vince has laid out. I think he speaks well. I think he has a good grasp of the business, but I’ve always dealt with him. That’s the one blessing that I’ve had… I came from the era I came from and I think he’s a bit of a throwback as far as his work back to an ’80s style worker.”

“He’s a guy that could have fit in the ’80s,” Arn added. “As far as the way he works, he’s not a big high spot guy and all that stuff, so I dealt with him more on the mechanics of matches and things like that. And sometimes, he would ask my opinion on stuff. I think he’s always been in his mind, and maybe it was the plan of the company for him to one day take over the leadership of the company. You’ve got Shane and Steph, who would probably fall in line… Since they are Vince’s kids, but who knows? Steph has her job as far as the branding, and Shane does his thing. I don’t know how it’s lined up, and you’ll never know until the day arises who exactly will run the company.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.