Arn Anderson spoke on a recent episode of The Arn Show and gave his opinion on the Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar match at Crown Jewel last year. Velasquez would ultimately fall to Lesnar in a rather short match and Arn mentioned that was by design simply because that’s typically how matches with super heavyweights end up.

“No, when you got heavy hitters like that and you got heavy hands like those guys do – those heavyweights, man – they will knock your head completely off,” Arn said. “Well, the lightweights will too, but the heavyweights are just…you don’t see a lot of five-round fights with two top heavyweights. I mean, you just don’t. It could go in 30 seconds, it could go five rounds and they beat themselves into a coma just about. I’ve seen both ways.

“So, we knew that Brock was going to go for the kill just by his nature and Cain Velasquez was a really skilled guy. That’s what he trained for. He wasn’t a professional wrestler or anything else. He’s a professional fighter. So, we knew that one had the potential to have a quick finish and fireworks and it did.”

Velasquez made his WWE debut in October 2019. Following his loss to Lesnar at Crown Jewel, WWE planned to use Velasquez for their Royal Rumble event, but Velasquez suffered an injury and the idea was scrapped. Velasquez was subsequently released in April as part of the budget cuts brought on by the ongoing pandemic.

Arn spoke on the idea of Velasquez returning to professional wrestling and whether he could see him going to another company. While Arn couldn’t comment for certain on if the former UFC star would jump ship to another wrestling promotion, he did mention that he feels Velasquez has a ton of untapped potential and could see him re-sign with WWE.

“Well, I don’t know. You’d have to ask him,” Arn said. “I think he has so much raw athletic ability and he has such a look. I mean, he scares me just looking at him on TV. He’s got that ‘Eye of the Tiger’ gimmick. I think if he truly has always been a closet fan and loved wrestling as a kid like most of us and grown-up, but he just took a different path as far as the UFC and MMA. stuff. If it’s still kind of stirring in his belly.

“When things heat back up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get re-signed with WWE, because I don’t think they’ve got the full benefit out of him and I don’t think he’s had a chance with enough training and some on the job training with some skilled talent that we’ve seen the last or the best of him.”

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