As noted, several WWE superstars have exited their Twitch and Mixer streaming channels following the edict on third platform activity that was issued by Vince McMahon last month.

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, there is a lot of unhappiness among the locker room and several superstars “are talking to Andrew Yang” about the situation. The former Democratic Presidential candidate has been extremely critical of WWE taking over its talents’ Twitch accounts, and told Wrestling Inc. earlier this month that he was committed to helping pro wrestlers battle WWE’s “corrupt” labor practices.

Meltzer noted that Yang knows many wrestlers on a personal level and is willing to “champion the cause” going forward. He added if Democrats win the upcoming Presidential election, McMahon and the WWE would be “on the wrong side” from a political standpoint and could eventually allow the talents to engage with third party platforms. Meltzer brought up the recent example of Fedex which had reportedly misclassified 2,300 drivers as independent contractors instead of employees. “Even companies like Fedex, who are way bigger than WWE, are losing the independent contractor fight,” said Meltzer.

However, Meltzer added that if Donald Trump is re-elected to office, McMahon would remain “untouchable” in the matter.

As reported earlier, several talents recently had a sit down meeting with McMahon and appealed that the bans on their Twitch activity be lifted. However, their pleas were reportedly shot down and WWE reportedly suspended all their streaming activity overnight.

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