Kyle O’Reilly is said to be OK after his main event loss to WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor at last night’s “Takeover: 31” event.

It was reported today by Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live that O’Reilly is OK following the post-Takeover injury concern last night. This could be an indication that O’Reilly did not suffer a significant injury like a concussion or something that will cause him to miss a significant amount of ring time.

On a related note, it was also reported on Wrestling Observer Live that Balor called for last night’s match to end early. While the plan for the finish all along was likely the double stomp and the Coup de Grace, it was speculated that they had a few more moves planned for the finish, but they went ahead and ended it a minute or two early, likely due to concern over their minor injuries. Both competitors were bleeding from their mouths during and after the bout.

As we’ve noted, Triple H announced during his post-Takeover media call that Balor was taken to a local hospital for x-rays on his jaw, and that O’Reilly was being checked out backstage at the Capitol Wrestling Center while the call was taking place. WWE later announced that O’Reilly suffered several broken teeth during the match, but was being evaluated for additional injuries, and that Balor was taken to a local hospital for CAT scans to get checked out for potential facial fractures.

There’s no word yet on what Balor’s condition is today, but O’Reilly seems to be alright. It will be interesting to see if both competitors are kept out of the ring for a few weeks.

Stay tuned for updates.