Braun Strowman issued a statement on Instagram this week after fans called him out for a syringe appearing in a photo he posted.

Strowman took to Instagram this week and posted a now-deleted bathroom selfie showing off his abs.

He wrote, “Just a lil ab update!!”

Fans noticed a syringe sitting on the sink counter and immediately began speculating on social media. Strowman saw the speculation and addressed it in another post.

“For everyone trying to make a big deal about the last post I did and delete. I take b12 shots everyday because my body is super sensitive to caffeine and I can only use so much without feeling like I’m having heart palpitations,” he explained.

Strowman posted a follow-up video where he showed how Vita Lounge administers the B12 shots.

“That time of the week again!!!! @vita_lounge keeping me running on the top end,” he wrote. “I get the vitaAthlete with extra vit c glutathione and an anti inflammatory”

The original photo ended up being a trending topic on Reddit, which led to Strowman’s response. You can see the posts from Strowman below: