Carmella Revealed As The Woman Behind The Mystery Vignettes On WWE SmackDown (Video)

Carmella has been revealed as the woman behind the recent mystery teaser vignettes on WWE SmackDown.

Tonight's SmackDown on FOX featured the third promo for the mystery blonde, who was revealed to be the former SmackDown Women's Champion. She cut a promo on how she needed to take a good look in the mirror and see who she really is, as she forgot who she was and got lost along the way while doing everything for the fans, who she put blame on. Carmella said fans wanted her to do everything their way, but that got her absolutely nowhere. She then remembered who she is, and that she's better than everyone else. She declared that she is no longer the fan's princess, and it doesn't matter if she gets drafted to RAW or SmackDown next week because she's untouchable, unless she doesn't want to be.

Carmella was the main name speculated on in the past few weeks since the mystery teasers started airing. Her last match was at the WWE Money In the Bank pay-per-view in late May, where she worked the MITB Ladder Match for the RAW Women's Title. Carmella's last SmackDown appearance came on May 8, where she appeared in a backstage segment to promote Money In the Bank. Her last SmackDown match came on April 25, where she defeated Mandy Rose in a MITB qualifying match.

Stay tuned for updates on what WWE has planned for Carmella as we go into next week's WWE Draft Night 1 episode on SmackDown. You can see shots from tonight's reveal below, along with Carmella's post-segment tweet: